Vote For Your Favorite Items!


With the Hollow-Days around the corner our shopping lists are getting pretty long, so we’d like to know your favorite Items! Vote for your 5 favorite Items and you could see them as a new Guild Icon in game! Voting ends Monday, December 18th.

Don’t see your favorite Item in this list? Let us know in the Comments!


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One half of an experience point sounds tempting



Yo Ho OH MY GOD is that a lot of child slingshots per chest.


That is hilarious PerBlue :joy:


Any that have a good drop rate!


I want to see Purple Haze as a guild icon.


Looks the hardest ones to get are winning. Lol. Looks like we are all hoping this is more than just for guild icons​:wink::wink::wink:


one question. Why no Boopstick


Vote for the :honey_pot:, the potion, the Trident weapon, scorpion, the chest and the stone


Something feels so right about a grate axe, until I get up close…


Awesome, purple haze running through my mind.


How’s Purple Haze wizard


Purple haze, throwdown gauntlets, spiritaly fruit, dragon flagon, manly armband, accusers gauntlet


If I could add my own 5, would be cool, if any are considered.
Throwdown Gauntlet
60 Energy (consumable)
Blue/Silver 600 Guild Favor token
Orcish Kitsch
Dragon Flagon
Please raise server 3s level cap, so we can be familiar with those higher tier materials!! Also, so I can promote my hero’s that are 6/6 gear slots!!
P.S. Portal Quest team… you guys are awesome!!! This is one of the few games, that the company shows their appreciation, by considering their players happiness!! Thx for all your hard work!!


I like trolls and dragons. I would like to see a couple trolls characters.






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I just love the sand witch


Me gusta el juego bastante lo aconsejó