Vote For Your Favorite Items!


<3 the game just a lot of fun


The bee hive is awesome its hard for beginers there should be more options


The glitter pony is a powerful alias to have more dragons or serpentsbee hive n the glitter pony


Dead Man’s chest needs to be abolished! WAY too many heroes need it, and it takes what… 200 slingshots & 80 hammers to make it… not to mention the 104,000 gold it takes. I could see if maybe 2… 3… heroes needed it. But, there are a LOT of heroes that need it. You’ll end up needing about 1,200 slingshots and 480 hammers to get all your heroes one… if not more… I’m just guessing!



Hammer time…

Tananananana batman! (if thats the way the melody goes)

Once I saw the slingshot frenzy i instantly started to farm them. Im just missing 100 more and im done for my meta hera slingshot farm :smiley:


Three bee hives two sprite fruits. N five toads legs and 1 forbidden fruit. Internal life


Awesome awesomeness is the flo of lifei believe that the heros get to hard to fight for weapons. Sparkle pony mt choice


Manticorpse my favourite, but they’re so hard to get.


Dead mans chest :sweat_smile::smile:


Something new yay…



Whatever happened to this idea? :pensive:


I predict they’re working on it. Maybe they’ll add it in combined with a new shop or something?


It’s so cutetfdbcxdhfdzd


How do I go up to level 95?! I’m stuck on 75!


Depending on your server, you may still not be able to go higher than 75 until there is a level increase @Queen_Toosh_V


@IoXe_ancient I know that now and it sucks :frowning:


Purple haze for sure


The chewy chest has my heart but the rainbow goo vial makes me thirsty. Bottled happiness wins!


I agree! I feel like I’m being put in the position to “buy” a package, just to keep up!