Vote For Your Favorite Items!


Bee hive is great so many hero’s need these. Some need 40 to make gear some need 20 but takes a lot of stamina to get. So this be a great item to have for now. Thank you all for your support. Death Seeker


r/furry_irl HATES this item, click HERE to find out why!

wonders how many know of that sub and will immediately be traumatised by the memory :grin:


Hah, seems to be the case of why they’re winning, I bet you lots more would use the scorpion than voted for it!


Naaah! I just like that chest with a tongue,i spent some good times with her


Hope I did this right…marked five favorites…hit vote now…guess that is right…thx…


Where do u spend guild money. Ive nearly 1000 via excepting them through the quest contest ?? It says guild shop currency butbi cant find it anywhere!


Your guild has to unlock the guild shop perk, when your guild reaches level 4.
Then your leaders can stock it with items for you to buy with this currency.