Voting within Portal Lords Event


voting for an aspect within Portal Lords is not possible in a “leading” position as far as i know. There it is only possible to select. This should be possible.

In a guild with many leaders it is not really comfortable to vote at the moment.

Best regards, Willi


I am fine with only me and my COs can’t vote, it doesn’t really change much, you should think of what your members want and not what you want.


Old factions with loyal members often have more than just 1 or 2 commanders. Think of a faction with maybe 10 commanders. They all cannot vote.


You still have your War Cheifs, Officer, Veteran and members who can vote?
29 qualified people who can vote

That is still a big amount of people who can vote for the Lord they want
Still don’t see the big problem in this.

But I say to my CO’s if they want to vote, tell me, and i’ll count what they vote into the PL voting


What server are you on?
Maybe can facilitate some kind of assistance if you are on server 1.
I keep tabs on where each guild is and what faction gas the best opportunity for top 3 finish or for the skin rewards depending on guilds ability.
If need any assistance don’t hesitate to pm me.
Have a few connections with players on most of the servers should you need to have an updated informative choice for faction once event has started


When i was a leader… I never really paid attention to the votes…
Hero shards were a priority… So perhaps perhaps penguin shards going for finesse for example was a good choice of faction…
Previous events if wanted a border would go for smallest faction to ensure a top 3 finish
If players preferred the cool skin this time round we’d follow the crowd to get that.
Always based the choice on what was most beneficial and easiest to achieve for the guild