War and the undonated

Lots of guilds are going thru the same problem… War attacks and donations. Either members are busy in life or forget to donate leaving the guild vulnerable to losses… Here’s my fix
Best option…

  1. Put all ap in our banks at the start of war and active members can with draw 6points or Either leaders can give it out or they can set how many points each member can withdraw. Thus eliminating auto donate all together :flushed:

  2. If you kick a member his points auto add back to the guild bank


Ohhh and I do understand that means dead guilds will have a ton of ap and better chances…
Not trying to protect slackers… It’s for us leaders to make our job easier…

And to those who say Ney… Because guilds will keep inactives for the ap… I understand but here’s an example I had 5 people join an sit on ap… Kicked them… Took a few but I Noticed 3 that added me changed their name joined and did it again… They came from a rival guild… It was their mini accounts… Glad that guilds disbanded… But Im not defending the inactive… But we need some kind of option


I do agree. And thought of this often. Something has to give. Even other areas where a team is required to complete that stage of the game. Some think its optional to be in a guild and not help in the required team effort areas of the game. Where this notion came from I don’t know. But its delusional to think your self as a player in a guild you are not required to help the team in a required team effort challenge area of the game. This hurts your guild when you are that delusional and everyone loses. It also hurts the guild to have to kick the players. But theres no other choice but to and hope the next player isnt delusional what a team effort means. We would like to gain from kicking a member that doesn’t need to playing in a guild if their not going to play the guilds team effort areas. In each of the areas there are ways to help ,if your lvl is lower then the rest, I’ve been there and done it. I have lower levels show us it can be done. The war ap needs to be tweaked so it doesnt hurt the team. I like the solution id rhere kicked the ap goes to the bank. May sacrifice the count of heads, but war can be won with lesser people if all team play like its suppose to be.