War bug.. It wouldn't reset


I was just in war and soon as the fight started it kicked me off… When I signed back on… It said I was still in the fight (under attack) for 10 to 15 min… No other member was attacking


Yeah, that’s what happens when you disconnect. It’ll eventually reset the fight back to the way it was before you attacked. Just in case stuff like that happens, this will happen twice per war; the third time will incur a penalty.


Pesky sticker fleegion ruining it for the rest of us


Well the game reset… I didn’t… Like in arena… Some fights start then boot you to your home screen… Now war… Pb needs a penalty


Rip Sticker Fleegin


One could make a solid argument that it was all the people who whined about it rather than just using it who ruined it for the rest of us. Everyone was doing it…


Valid point.

To be faiiiir, the system itself was too lenient as it was, and would have turned wars into “fastest finger first” shootouts and timezone disasters , if we could have all continued to have unlimited attempts at the same line without ever losing heroes or ap.

Don’t hate the players,
Hate the game.

Edit: please note, players that come along afterwards…
My initial fleegion comment was made entirely tongue in cheek.

It was a shame that sticker legion never gathered traction on Disney heroes. I was enjoying the ride :slight_smile:

@Topsider still miss you hun :slight_smile: