War is the reason we play this game

Between the thread about “flawed war matching” and “skipping wars is bad, mkay” poor war is getting a bashing.

Let’s be honest though, working together with a group of players to take down an opponent’s map is the main reason most of us are still here.

Can we all take a minute to say what we like about war, thank per blue for making all the changes to spars that we requested, and yes… Politely and without running each other down, perhaps suggest some changes that we would like to see.



I can’t believe you’d even propose such a heinous idea. It’s preposterous to even suggest that we don’t run each other down. Get out of here with your radical ideas.


Wouldn’t care, Wiz.
You’re the reason that I’m still playing this game.

Well, you and ICE.

I left chat apps and competitive play at the February season, but stuck around as a guildmate while you both looked for replacements.

When I was replaced at the march season in the allegiant, you were still looking, so I hung around and ended up joining an S8 guild for funsies.

We’re ranked #7 by the way. S8 players that don’t want to be chased in chat apps for hits should check us out.
We’ve claimed some interesting scalps this season :slight_smile:

If you’d both cut your losses together, I’d have been gone.
People that are fed up of me should rant at you :wink:

Also, I like war as it is.
Yey, war.

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I play for the free robux

I play for the fun.
Sadly, it gets harder to find as the days go by and the grind gets bigger.


I use discord for that

You use me for your entertainment? :frowning:

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Wait… You’re in my discord server?!

Wait, where am I?

Discord has servers?!

It’s true! Coordination with other players is why I play games like this. So I love a mode that encourages that and outside PL, War is the only thing that we actually do together.

Most of the folks I play with have been together so long that we don’t need to talk things through the way we once did which is ok. At this point in my life I don’t feel sad that we’re not discussing every battle strategy but rather just doing what we need to to get it done and only discussing the tough cases.
Though I must say that when that was required it was pretty invigorating.


I like pies


Not on the pies again…

I just play for the chat… And to get Wiz’s autograph

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I’ll sell you my copy of it

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I think in light of the recent drama on s1 today, we definitely all need to take a step back and look at things in a better way.

As Mici said, the only reason most of us play the game is for war, so naturally things can get heated if it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to. Yes, flaws could be found in the current war system. But, is it much better than it was? Yes… So is working together the most important thing for most of us? Absolutely. So when more than one guild works together this should not taken in a negative light. At the end of the day, what goes, goes. I will not name names, I will not point fingers, but as I afore mentioned, in the spirit of sport(games)manship let’s take a step back. Try to appreciate the good things, and take the bad things as a learning curve. Look at things in a positive light.

So I ask us all to come together, stop being so hostile towards each other purely because of our guilds, and make server 1 a better place

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Gold 3 border is the same as Gold 2… oversight? Please fix

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Good point, I can’t tell the difference either


If that’s what you need to tell yourself to accept your loss than sure. I find it embarrassing that everytime your guild loses that you guys make up rumors and excuses. Have some dignity, geez


Kinda insulting to state the only reason sunshine won was because they got outside help from epi. Sunshine didn’t get help. Maybe they put in effort with developing lines and learning from past mistakes to win. They won season not that long ago, so it shouldn’t be that hard to believe they beat killers on their own…which as far as I know, they did. Of course epi is happy with the result since it lets them take first, but they didn’t help sunshine.

If killers was so set on wanting first, maybe they should have skipped war to secure it :man_shrugging:t3:.