War lines and what's the setup

Trying to find info on here bout How many lines a team can have on war lines. Have 15 in our group but seems like we are limited to how many lines per tower. I know we use perks for lines but I have undefeated tower lines and can’t figure is there a limit per player or what. Any suggestions?

Do you mean defense teams per player? The answer is 4

The maximum is 4, if you have upgraded the war perk fully

You can upgrade your towers to get more space for more lines

Ok, makes sense. Now just gotta work on placement

Filling those towers is a good start.

Enough snark

There’s many ways to fill them
A lot of people like to stack the middle T1 and middle mage tower hard (even harder than keep) because it forces people to go round it or use strong lines early

Especially if mid mage is the extra ap tower.

As well as that, people stack the two T2 towers , as they are Infront of the secondary mage towers.

Early levels, these towers boost your heroes hard

As you gear up your heroes, they become less annoying, and more trivial.

The other thing?
Get people to make front lines of skull and noob, preferably with punk and grave in the back too.

Put these in T2 and mid mage to really mess up your opponents…

P.s. before anyone screams “spoilers” , you’d soon learn these taking on a top guild as you progress.


Ok, good info but got a new one for you all. We have 15 members. I am the highest of my clan and if i am reading right, 15 members and that means 60 lines covered (4 per a member)

But when you add it up, 9 members don’t have 4 lines including myself. I only have 2 out of 4. Next power member has 3 out of 4. Couple members don’t have any lines.

We have open towers but not sure whats behind this one?

Never leave a tower “open”…
You need at least one defense in every tower… You can still queue, even if the towers are not full…

How is it even possible to have no defense line up?

We have at least 1 line in all towers. Just not sure why of all towers, we only have 33 lines when we should have 60.

Even my lines i only have 3 of 4 covered. No extra lines to cover openings

Well, you need at least 20 heroes for 4 full defenses :sweat_smile:
Did you use your tower perks too soon & have open spots because of that?

Good question. Gotta look into this

After some checking, discovered some slackers in the group had not mad all the defense lines. Now everything is good

A whole new level of laziness :joy::joy::joy:

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