War: March 6th - 10th

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  1. What is your favorite part about War in Portal Quest?

  2. Do the end of Season War Rankings generally feel correct?

  3. If you could change one thing about War, what would it be?

  1. Coordinating with my team

  2. Not sure. If I’m honest the end of season rankings don’t matter much to me aside from getting into Challenger so we get something/anything.

  3. I don’t see much point in having Tiers or at least in resetting back to 7 every season. If matchmaking is driven by crowns then we could do away with them altogether and just base rewards on crown count instead of tiers?

  1. (shush)


1,2,3. what @Reveille said


  1. and give everybody rewards, if they have fought say 50% of wars, regardless of tiers

no matter how bad you are, you deserve something

  1. War? Ugh.
    What is it good for?
    Absolutely nothing.

I like the day on , day off structure.

  1. Nope. More please.

  2. Honestly? The over reliance on one strategy of mages and hero defences that means every war is the same.
    Over and over and over again.

I have like 90 heroes.
I use 20.


3 it would be good if spars would be more accurate like in war. If you could have the same mage bonuses in effect at each tower as the war instead of no bonuses in effect would help people learn. Lose in war but can easily win in spar makes no sense.

  1. Favorite part: WINNING of course; strategic planning with my leadership team

2)The end of season rankings seem to get it right.

  1. More time between seasons is needed.
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  1. One day on/off and lower points on attacking.

  2. Yes, except win loss doesnt matter as much as crowns, which should be the other way around

  3. More actual strategy and less reliance on inactive members to attack or donate points. Not sure on fix. Leader should be able to take points from inactive members.

Thanks for asking! :grin:

Some similar answers here…

  1. I like the teamwork- we have some awesome leadership!

Having to actually pay attention to my battle.

Day on/off structure.

I really like war. Pretty satisfied with it overall. Feels about the right amount of challenging and fairness.

  1. I don’t really rely on season rewards so? Honestly, I have no clue what I even usually get. I like the daily war rewards or do we still get those? Dunno… :grimacing: All good with me! Carry on… :grin::joy:

  2. The spar point donation mentioned earlier. Shouldn’t have to promote/demote to donate.


I really don’t get the tier thing. Crowns are crowns… I’m guessing it’s to help with matching guilds for wars? Anyways, you can have more crowns than another team, but still not be showing as ranked higher than them. It confuses me. (I’m easily confused though!) :joy:

Truly, if nothing changed with war I’d be perfectly happy. Thanks for taking the time to do this!:grin::heart:

1.war is, for the most part balanced between the guilds 2.yes
3. Give more attack points. Let each player start with 12 attack points to maximize use of heros so you can truly see a better and more balanced war outcome. Start each war with 10 attack points in bank of each guild to balance out the weaker and newer players in the guild

  1. My favorite part of war in portal is winning
  2. No, there are few things at work here and it is not working properly. There is tiers, win loss ranking, and crown points. You get rewards based on tier, matches based on crown, and final ranking based on a errored system that need fixing. Example. 1 win and 0 loss. Should it be higher or lower ranking than 5 wins and 6 loss.
  3. If i could fix one thing, i would fix the current warring system as follows: If you are going to reward based on tier. Set up matches, and all the ranking based on tier. Example. Match battles with guilds in same tier, not tier 6 with tier 3 guild.
  1. All points straight to bank and not each individual. Points then requested from leaders when needed

Set up matches by tiers, then crowns in tiers. Keep the 5 wars rule but make tiers more important than crowns.
And why can’t we see how many crowns other guilds have. Why is it top secret

  1. Teamwork
  2. I don’t care about them.
    3.1. Please put a Reset Defense button. Every time I wanna rearrange, it’s very annoying to to thru all towers to remove lineups.
    3.2. Tiers are very stupid. I wanna see where we are compared to competition. At least display crown numbers on all tiers, not only on top tier… 1 total ranking by crowns would be perfect
    3.3. Auto Donate is still not working. I don’t believe this is so difficult to fix
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  1. The coordination is fun yeah.

  2. I feel like the rewards are still lacking ooommph. Probably because top guild members really couldn’t care less about 30 or 50 gear scraps. Are there still gear scraps in rewards? I can’t remember. Either way, I don’t remember ever being like “Oh wow, those rewards really were worth the months worth of effort put into ensuring our guild stayed within top ranks”.

  3. Change one thing? Hmmm … I understand that there could be some technical difficulties, but I was thinking you could make the war maps more dynamic. Paths and towers more like tiles that the guild can move around or rearrange to their own liking. Allowing different layouts/Paths to be designed during the spar war days off. This could give more variety to make wars look appealing each time. Maybe. I dunno. Would be a major rework I guess. Probably in the too hard basket … or next game basket lol. Just a thought.

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One thing to change… defence toons can’t be used in attack lines…
Or my alternative don’t let the attacking team be able to see the defenders lines…

Technique is the key…

War rank rewards are too low…

I don’t mind the idea of the first.
The second just seems like it’s a game of luck lol. Hope to God you don’t run a fur empress line into a cleric line sort of thing :sweat_smile:

1.wars are just great
2. Yeah but giving us shards for really old toons is a joke
3.tbere shold be a 50 crown pe alty for skipping wars if you ha e over 800 crowns
The crown system is a joke we could skip all wars now and still win season you need to fix this

Like I said, simple changes ;

  1. You can’t use defence toons in attack lines, so the strategy of setting defences as workung out different attack lines.
  2. Prevent attackers from seeing all or most of the delensive lineups.

Simple changes to open up the War format…

Me: ww meta
Hidden attack line: empress fur lion line
Me: aight imma head out

Just saying…

I partially agree, but it does mean f2p’s need nearer 40 toons, instead of 20.

*insert golden whale stamp * would love it though