War Matchup Issue

There is a serious issue in the war matchup system. We get matched with guilds so far below us that we don’t have the opportunity to gain many crowns. We keep getting wars of 1 or 2 crown wins. Perblue should give us a crown bonus for not having the opportunity to gain crowns…say 150 crowns for every war we can’t win 15 crowns. That is the only way that there is an incentive for us to war. I’m not sure why I’d even play this game without war.

We have known this issue for a while, and I suspect some rival guilds intentionally make all guilds (including themselves) so inferior in crown count that they are worthless to us. But I don’t blame other guilds. It is clearly a strategy to make my guild bored of the game and quit after years of winning 1-2 crowns. I blame Perblue!

I know @Aladeen supports me on these war issues!

Well…we have pur rankings from last season still up, though at least we are in the right tier. Though 1 guild is still ranked in Challenger.
Its messed up alright.

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