War new system is in the right direction

For me the new war system is going in the right direction. And it needs time. One of the main problem is the points . To add too much restrictions doesn’t help . I mean 5 points only , no regeneration of points . No possibility to affect the points to the bank when the players are in vacation or can’t be present .3 points for a fight when we have 5 only is not right. I love the 24 hours and no war daily it’s less stressing. I understand the level and the number of members is an other hard problem . I think to creat a war class like in arena or in the tournament can help. An other problem in this war system 10 players with 57 Millions power is not the same with 20 players with 57 Millions power . The points are still a problem .

I think the points are fine. It makes it challenging for a full guild. If you aren’t a full guild then it will be very hard, but that was still the case in the old war. As long as you have people to distribute points, the issues you raise are no different than the old war system, but you need people to donate any extra and distribute.

This is exactly what i was saying . You are just saying the ideal situation. Without proposing any solutions Complete guild with all active at time there is yes but not a lot unfortunately. To add too much restrictions down the interest in the war, in the game as leader this is what i see . All in the war system before wasn’t bad . So please submit a proposal it will be more constructive.

I don’t see the need for a solution. Maybe that is because I’m in a top competitive guild. That is where the majority of PB’s focus is because my guess is that is where the majority of their revenue is. You can’t expect the war system to allow you to beat a guild if you are 10 members behind.

Git gud.

Merge with someone that already is

Again no constructive solution witch means all is perfect no need to adjust or to change . Ok . That’s politically correct. I agree with this point . All guilds can’t be in the championship first point .I’m from the top 3 and i know how it’s working but in noway it represents the game . That’s why i think a challenge by class can be a good solution. By the way when the players in the championship will be drained they will leave or move . This is what is happening. To merge is not the solution at the problems in the war . Please buddy be less simplest.


There are tiers.
You don’t need to beat the keep, you just need to score better than your opponent.

You match against someone in the bottom tier.
Winner promotes.
Therefore the great guilds (and the whales) rise to the top.

The not so great keep playing against the people left behind until the end of the war season.

You end up in the tier you deserve to be in.
It’s war.
Not some sort of “everyone wins, here’s a participation award” sports day.

Less simplistic?
I hope that’s clear enough.
Not every guild deserves to be in challenger tier

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Honestly I agree that the points are a little tight right now

They were too loose before

Maybe it will oscillate back and forth, until it finds a resting point…

I have proposed dropping mage towers to 2 before. Would give any extra 15 which seems about right


I perfectly know the news rules and how it’s working the war system. Personally I have no problem in my Guild with that . But this new way is far to be ok .It needs more innovations. A recall how it’s working is not necessarily helping . That’s ok for the new players but nomore . to have a global vision of the game is much better . In more and more guilds stop the war . I don’t think this is the goal .

Yes ! It can helps. I agreed with that .this one good option .

Just ignore the bit where I “perfectly” agree with you.


Trying to understand how a war class, isn’t just the same as the tiers…

This is something that can explore the developers . Something more in adequation with the reality . Anyway there is not THE solution . But for sure the developers will consider gobaly .

The starting amount of AC is 6 with that perk maxed. With 40 members and leaders strategically distributing AC (which has always been a part of war) there are more than enough credits to clear the board. If clearing a board is too easy then we get races in which losing has zero consequence.

Guilds with fewer members should be at a disadvantage. Being able to fill a guild with active players is part of your measure as a guild leader. The number of players in a server will always decrease over time, and it’s on you to replace players who leave.

Players’ going on vacation has always been an issue, but that is unlikely to ever change.

Recall : The topic wasn’t how to handle to manage a Guild. But to see to propose solution and not to say what people have to do or to don’t.
I respect your point of view . Unfortunately it means all is perfect nothing need be changed or modified . I don’t think the feedback corner is just for get a recall . To propose , to say what is going on is more important i think .

@ Floner. Sorry I answered to you at the wrong window . And i said yes it can be a good option . Apparently to looking for and to propose an option is definitely not welcome in the feedback corner . But this is only my point of view . Maybe i mistaken and the feedback corner is for glish and dysfunctions in the game . I will try to find where it’s possible .

It means that I’m not convinced that your issues are actually issues. Your response to my feedback is “no”, yet you’re telling us that we’re the ones not being constructive.

There are undoubtedly improvements to be made, but the things you listed (aside from players’ going on vacation) don’t need improvement as I explained above.

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Ok i understand the mistake guys . I wasn’t here for talk about my problem I and we have no problem in my Guild . So i misunderstood the goal of this site . Not your fault at all . If i understand correctly you are players as i am . I will try to find something more adapted . Anyway thank you all for your answers it was nice to meet you .

I agree with this and also just remove the time constraints please it’s biased against working Australians and probably a lot of other countries. We’re asleep when war starts and if we work that day we have a relatively small timeframe to hit before 10hr mark.
Not having the points to clear the field and the risk vs rewards of not refreshing, easily separates the guilds without the time constraints.


Yep i noticed that too without be an issue this is a huge constraint witch means the whole Guild have to be present in a short time and when the server is not lagging.