War points donations


Inactive players…use their points.
There should be a way upper ranks can donate inactive players war points to the bank so other players can use them instead of them just going to waste.


All players should just after 3days inactive go onto auto donate


What you are saying is guilds should be rewarded for having players that never show up, and get their points?

Whereas if we kick them and recruit a semi active player who was here yesterday, but is unreachable now, we’re hosed?

Also… hi boss :slight_smile:


Hey hey fellow guildie :joy:

If was a guild of 20 inactives 20 actives then yeah your logic prevails…
But let’s say 2-4 inactives but kept for now due to inability to recruit cause I’m slack at that these days :joy:
Those 7 starter ap would be handy for T1 I don’t need the rest of their ap


Are you saying I should put my recruiting cap on?


Hahaha :joy:

It’s a recruiting tiara !!

Gotta say it right :heart_eyes:


Why stop there?

When a member goes inactive, war chiefs and above should have the option to:

  • Create teams for that member

  • Attack for that member

  • Apologize, as that member, for creating nasty cleans

  • Attack the wrong tower as that member, then yell at that member from their main account for not attacking the marked towers

I think this would be great for teamwork and guild morale.


You still owe me a tiara from last time I recruited for you lol.

Fool Me once, shame on you.
This time, tiara first, then I’ll fill your guild


Why did I even use that word :wink:

tbh recruiting on S2 is a dodgy game right now …
A few mergers and player acquisitions probably be going on in the top 10 over next few weeks
In prep for 40 player cap
…if that’s still the plan🤔
Puts us about right for players :joy:


Its called teamwork and i think it works well as is.
Thats the point.
To feel guilty if you cannot log in because you are backpacking in the wilderness snd now you are letting your guild down. Climb a tree snd find a signal


We should beable to see if a member who is higher ranked has not bin using perks or attack perks or fortress then we shud have kinda a petition an vote them out! Im getting bit sick of it now! Ive bin playing 3weeks im on level 57 got 27 heros, alot purple odd still blue plus2, i just wanna be in a very active guild !


Whats a tiara bbe? Someting within the game??


In this case, a tiara is a payment for services rendered by me for @Cottontail back in the day, when I recruited for his guild.

An actual tiara.
Because he was silly enough to let me name my price, and I never forget.

And I never forgive, boss…


Is grave wraith reviving these old posts?


One day I’ll build a time machine and go back to that day and name my price :joy::joy:
One of those deals where it had to made …
Fully appreciated the help too … Just got myself into debt in a way I couldn’t repay :yum::sunglasses:



How do i and where do i spend these pixi?m


Answered it in your new thread.
Hope it helps.

If you are still stuck, pm me :slight_smile: