War queue and unqueue should be posted to War chat

It would be really nice to see who queues… or more importantly unqueues… the guild for war. Every other change in the game seems to be recorded somewhere in a chat except this one. Would be nice to see which bonehead in your guild unqueues you minutes before the war starts…

Alternative is to demote all war chiefs… but don’t want to demoralize everyone else.

That would be good for next time, yes.
Although high ranking guildmates can delete chat…
You can’t narrow it down by who was logged in around that time?
First thing to do when someone notices, is go to last active screen and screenshot the whole guild.
Then work out when you last saw it queued, and rule out anyone that hadn’t logged in after that…

I mean, submit a ticket and per blue will be able to tell you.
But that spoils all the detective work and finger pointing.

I blame Bob.

I made a post about that to PB in thier discord server. The one where some of us people in the community can present our feedback and ideas straight to the devs.
Not sure it even got acknowledged.

Thank you both for the feedback. It happened again today- minutes before the war was about to start. Our only recourse was to demote everyone except our four principal leads (which we have just done).

We did have a large number of folks who were logged in about when the war was supposed to start so doesn’t really help narrow it down. Just out of curiosity, is it possible that there is a bot that could be operating off someone’s account without their knowledge? The leads are just finding it very strange that it keeps happening as we have been playing with the same people for a long time and are finding it hard to believe that one of them is doing this intentionally…

Submit a ticket in the support button.
Ask perblue to look at the logs , as this is the second time this happened.

Everything is logged.
They will know who pressed the button.

Kick them and promote the others back.

It won’t be a bot.
I find it hard to believe that someone is pressing the button without knowing what it is.

Particularly as you will have talked about it last time.

The timing of it isn’t random.

I agree - ticket is logged. And everyone was demoted (with our apologies). Thanks for the feedback. (It’s actually happened 5 or 6 times in the last month… first few we thought it was a fluke but timing seems really intentional the last few since it happened just before war started)

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