War rankings - losing teams


Can anyone answer this for me. I can’t find it anywhere and nobody seems to know. If you are drawn against a seriously stronger team is it better to hang on as long as possible or to surrender as soon as possible. You lose crowns either way but which would lose least?


i believe that you can’t surrender until 24h00m01s into war. so if its a seriously stronger guild, i guess they’d finish you off in 1 or 2 days. basically hoping that they finish you in 1 day would ensure you lose the least crowns but its outside your control.


It is partly in your control. That’s what the surrender button does. If the other guild is very much stronger but doesn’t finish off keep to prolong war. We were in this position after 1 day 4 hours. Do you lose more crowns by surrendering or hanging on for convenience of opponent


Sure, its in your control to prevent a 3 day war. However, its typically in the interest of the strong guild to move onto the next war as soon as possible. One exception to that is end of season when a guild may want to stretch out the war to three days to get the most crowns right at the end. Then you could just surrender on day 2 to prevent that.

If the question is whether surrendering costs more crowns than being beaten, I believe there is no difference.


There is no difference.
I would ask…
Do you normally win “fair” wars, or are you hampered by guild activity?

If you win most wars, surrender.
If you lose most wars, hope they drag it out over three days.
You lose less crowns when your opponent has many more crowns than you to start with, as per blue “rubber bands” the war.

To be fair, the top guild will probably want to finish you asap too, as they get less crowns for beating minnows.