War reshape proposal

I jotted down what was felt by many leaders as an overdue addressing of current war. It’s just a draft open for discussion and it may certainly need further adjustments. Please take your time to read it and let’s talk about it.


Only change would be 4 leagues so higher amount of guilds

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Another aspect that the document addresses is that getting participation is the hardest thing to achieve in a guild. It’s more time consuming than running wars. It requires hrs on end of leaders building solid relationships with players on pm and creating a warning and enjoyable experience which will bring players online and making the extra effort. This is an aspect that it’s often overlooked. Clearing a map is not just good war management but team building. We felt that current system doesn’t reward that


I like pretty much everything in the proposal, maybe the tiebreaker losses could do with a little less crown loss. I think every loss could do with a little less crown loss. But the crown gain for wins is perfect. And I think a crown bonus at the end of the season for the amount of wars participated in would be a good idea also.

Huge crown spread for wins or losses is ridiculous, just because you lose shouldn’t hinder your ability to be able to catch up by the end of the season if you participate

Crowns may well need adjusting. Best way to check it is simulate a season using realistic matching and wars outcome. Any help in that respect will be welcome.

I think this is a good idea, but it shouldn’t be large enough to punish a guild for missing a war just after cap, or for taking a break

Maybe you get 2 wars grace - like flees

Attacking metas should not be visible ever in any tier. And there should never be a penalty for missing a war.


No nothing massive, maybe something like 5 crowns for every war participated in.

I disagree. It just doesn’t matter in lower tier. Not many people use metas anyway, and it helps newer players (who you won’t find in challenger) get going

I agree but I remember that the argument opposing hidden metas was as to allow developing guilds to access good lines and learn. The division system could cover all: competitive guilds shouldn’t have access to other people work. Less competitive guilds in other divisions could learn from each other instead

I’m a little confused about logistics. Say I have 1050 crowns so I will be in challenger. However, I will also be >499 so will be in bronze as well. Does this mean I will have multiple wars going on at the same time? Will we introduce a button to switch between wars.

Also, 1000<800 is an incorrect statement, so that means platinum doesn’t exist then? Similarly there is no tier for guilds with 499 crowns or less. With no chance of promotion since they aren’t in a tier, you want to remove war for them? I know they might not be super competitive in challenger, but it seems mean to make them not war at all.

I understand your point of resetting to 0, but am confused by the bonuses given to champion, runner up and top 5. The champion is in the top 5, so that means they would get 60 and runner up would get 40. Why not just say so?

You wouldn’t need that. Right now strategic skipping is given by the fact that you can easily work out opponent and gain/loss crowns with a formula. Once crowns are linked to points nobody will be able to predict crowns gain or loss so since crowns would reset every season skipping will definitely make you lose top position

I think you understand what she means - maybe the wording and syntax is wrong. What do you think about the base ideas?

I like the idea of not being able to see what anybody attacks with. If new people in lower guilds need help finding out something to attack with then they should ask somebody. Higher guilds depend on keeping their weapons top secret just like they depend on their defenses being top secret. I can tell you this, I wouldn’t have had such an easy time against Game of Bones if I wasn’t able to see what they were attacking with. I was able to see something new in that war that they were using which allowed me to use a different lion meta and create a whole new attack line from the remainders of our standard lion.

I think it is an idea of persons trying to change the system in a way that they think they have a chance to win. Is the system perfect, no, but the thought that it will change is naive

The idea is 99% that play this game aren’t happy with the system, 1% is. I got good, it doesn’t help :grin:

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We got this system because we developed it together with the reps by sharing ideas. A year on it needs refreshing. Nothing is set in stone