War rewards and stuff

Why are weekly rewards better than rewards for a monthly war period?

Why is Tower stuck with drops relevant for like levels 80? You cant even level a toon at the current range one time with the exp rewards and the gold rewards might not even be enough to level a single skill twice. Can ya give a dev 5 min to go change the value at the highest range I will buy a 5$ pack to even pay for his time? Thanks.

Maxing essence levels should just get you to max level, not max level plus 99.9999% exp… the button is pretty much useless if you are short on exp.

Diamond shop should always have 1 dedicated slot for stamina.

Tbh I don‘t even need the weekly rewards… they are all useless to me.

The tower is needed to support the beginners of the game. It is not supposed to help you with higher toons. That‘s what honor trials, epig dungeon etc is for.

The highest you can go with levelling your essences is just one tap away from the next level. I think it‘s logical that „maxing“ essences means putting them as high as possible. So they probably would have to change the whole essence setup for that request ¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯

Would love stamina in shops as well, but the diamond deals are enough for me ^^