War starts 5 - 6 hrs earlier next season?

War just ended. Season ends in 1d 12 hrs and next war starts in 1d 17 I see on warscreen. I would have expected 1day 23 hrs, to start at same time is previous season. Change or Error?

If you’re on Server 8 or 10, then it is intentional. This is a shortened War Season for the 8 and 10 Server Merge.

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S8, s10, s11 are all early starts and not reset as we are still in Challenger.:rofl::joy::rofl::joy: PB ought to pay me for leading a guild through some of this crap…cruel and unusual punishment, undue stress and hardship…:rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Also Soul Phoenix is missing from our toon list, but not from the options when choosing an attack line.:thinking::thinking::rofl::rofl:

Also missing Soul Phoenix

Yup im on S11 and war has started already haha, also all still in challenger apparently. We hadn’t even queued yet lol.

A shortened war season has nothing to do with starting war 6 hours early.

I would think that it does…

a shortened war season that is shorter than usual.

weird that

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The war is still 24 hours, it just started 6 hours early. The war season is shortened by 1 war at the end of the month, has nothing to do with whatever mistake caused war to start early today.

But my guild is fighting 2 players down because the cooldowns for our 2 new players weren’t over yet, so I would also be interested to know why the war timer was started 6 hours early today.