War starts early?

@Polaris war matchup on a Sunday the first day of the month on S1 and s10 possibly others. Why? Shouldn’t we have had a spar day today and war begin on Monday. Also war prep time started at 5am cst. Is this the new norm?


I blame Bob

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Dammit, Bob!


War always starts on the 1st of the month. But the time is definitely wonky!

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Gosh darn it Bob…It is to early. :sleeping:

Not even had rewards for end of season yet… perblue messed up I guess…
Bob the Builder’s fault more like

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This a terrible time to start War!
5 AM [CST] - Prep Time
6 AM [CST] - War Starts/War Ends

I’m usually up by 6 AM [CST], but a majority of our Guild isn’t active until 8 AM; sometimes not until the afternoon. 11 AM [CST] War start time was good. That’s 9 AM on the West Coast of the U.S. The new time means War starts/ends @ 4 AM on the west coast, with a 3 AM prep. That’s ridiculous.

How is this supposed to be beneficial to us? You just eliminated most our chance(s) to make late attacks in the morning before War ends. Instead of having 24 hrs to claim rewards, make changes, Spar, etc, anyone that works from morning to afternoon/evening will only have (realistically) about 16 Hrs?! Maybe more depending on when you go to bed.

This just doesn’t make sense. It should go back to 11 AM [CST]. If it’s not broke, don’t “fix” it.

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I’m guessing that they didn’t mean for it to happen, and official statements will come out on Monday.

Along with S8 war season rewards.

Timezones will affect everyone to a degree, and while your argument makes sense as the parent company is American, spare a thought for us Brits that face a 3am arena rewards time and have done for nearly 1000 days.

As opposed to 1 day, that is yet to be proven as not a mistake.


Definitely too early. Fortress ends at midnight eastern time. Yes there will always have time zone issues of some sort as far as start and end times for everything. Just need to find a good middle ground

Looks like the times for war have been reset to original

So are server 8 war rewards coming today? We adjusted our guild time to make things fit our guild better.

They should alternate each month. Adjust war start and arena rewards by 12 hrs.

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