War system is broken

My guild was on the same amount of points and had same amount of wins yet we still lost.

If points are even there are two tie breakers. The first is who defeated the highest percentage of line-ups and the second being which Guild finished their last successful attack first. So one of these two tripped for your War

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We had both last successful attack and highest percentage of wins
They had 16 losses we had 5

It’s the highest percentage of line-ups defeated not highest percentage of wins. If they defeat 50% of the total line-ups your guild placed and you defeat 45% of the total line ups their guild placed the other guild will win the tie-breaker.

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So we lose because we have less players.

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Get more players.
Or at least some alts

Here is one better. The #1 Guild (531 crowns) didn’t queue for the first war, lost one war, and didnt queue for last war. So they end season at 12-1. The #2 Guild (450 crowns) is at 13-1 and queued for war. Although we fought the same teams and made Challenger tier 2 wars prior, they ended up with way more crowns. Appears they are rewarded for not queuing and or participating. Yes, system is broken.

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They are rewarded for being more tactical. They won at more opportune times and limited risk. The win and loss equations have been published, so you can see when is a good time to win and lose. The system is in place and everyone is playing under the same system. I suggest adapting strategy to increase your chances to win in the system.



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In a previous season, the #1 guild didn’t queue for the last two wars as they were numerically uncatchable.

Git gud.

I did 3 wars. They had a long way to git gud.

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Like most things, having more people generally increases your chance of success. However just because the other side has more people does not mean they’ll win. They can also mess up attacks and not take your lines where you can succeed and take theirs in which case you’d win. Big armies can beat little armies and little armies can beat big armies

If a guild misses the first War in a season it could be because they had several new members at the start of the season… Tactically going into War “x” points light is not a good idea…

But if through the season a guild opens up a crown gap why should they queue? Give the War Chiefs a couple of days rest… Guilds have done it with the original War format…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

I do miss intentionally being on the other day schedule from guilds and taunting them by making them 1 day a war to get on your schedule. Especially when they are incapable of 1 daying a war.

Yes, that was always fun lol

Now we are back to sweeping the boards wars, will be interesting to see if the dynamics at the top of the rankings change.

Lol like it!!!

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Yes you guys should change that to #wins / # attacks. Reward guild skill in both attacks and defense lines by considering # failures RATHER THAN giving advantage & rewarding larger guilds that maybe sloppy with their attacks simply because their guild is larger.

I’ve actually been enjoying the new war system.