War 👑 System is BS!

If there’s something to fix in this game, fix the :crown: scoring system! why do Guilds that skip get rewarded the same as those that don’t? There should be some kind of :crown: deduction when Guilds skip a war, or give a :crown: boost to the Guilds that finish the season without skipping. We’ve been down players and still War. Real Champion’s don’t skip, Killers Don’t Skip!!! You’re all a bunch of skippers and you should be punished :grin:

Hmm, I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not.

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Hmmm, I can’t care any less about this.

As long as crown totals carry over (even halved) and guilds are organised by crown totals , not tiers , certain guilds will always have the advantage.

They would argue (and I would agree with them!) That in the current system, their previous hard work, meta creation and the building up and maintenance of a guild of 40 players that care enough to log into a game for over 1000 days now, they’ve earned the right to have a day off.

Git gud, or give up.

Orrrrrrrrr, if you can’t beat them, join them.


Skippers don’t always get positive results. Take Sunshine for example this season, they skipped too much and won’t make challenger. 2 seasons ago skipping won them the season when it worked…

It’s a risk, not an exploit. Take the risk and it pays off: win win win. Take the risk and you could also lose a month of progress.

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The lesson here is no skips till challenger…

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Also… Thank you for allowing the dream of Raaawwwrrr to get to challenger alive last war @Specs :wink:

Now we just need a bit of luck today :slight_smile:

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“Real champions” also don’t choke and go 0-2 against a guild in a season and then try to argue that they are definitively better and more deserving than that guild.

against EoG :grin:

I look forwards to fighting you again…

Never have I ever said we are better than epi, definitely not, but as I recall didn’t epi go 0 and 2 on legacy? Didn’t Killers go 2 an 0 on legacy? What I’m saying is the crown system is messed up, I’m not saying we’re better than anybody, because everyone has their good days and bad days, I’m just saying you can go the entire season and beat everybody and then lose to a lot lower crowned team and lose 80 crowns and not have any chance to recover. While closer teams you only lose a few crowns… It’s just a messed-up system.

Pesky luck :frowning:

I retired last month

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don’t believe you :slight_smile:

That’s okay.
Neither did my guilds :wink:

With everything going on, we were happy to give our guild a break during this last round since we hit challenger the round before. Totally agree with Mici… we wouldn’t break before we reach challenger. ppl do get tired and if a break helps rejuvenate and keep members engaged for the long run, I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

There should be no incentive to skip war. With a penalty system, top guilds if they are way out in front, could still afford to skip, knowing they would lose x number of crowns but remain ahead.

I’d argue the inability to gain war rewards, crowns, and the risk of not making challenger is penalty enough. Not to mention that when they do go back to war, their players are a little bit rustier. It’s a choice to go to war. Always has been.

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Hitting challenger with 5+ wars to spare is completely possible therefore this point of optional queuing is not valid. Ovcourse there are risks for not queuing when your not in challenger but thats on the guild. There should still be a system in place that encourages sportsmanship, never prior to this new war system did skipping wars have any strategic benefit.


Yes, yes it did.

I would have been devastated not getting those awesome war rewards if we missed out on Challenger. I was running out of double stamina recharges and random scraps of gear. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Well for some people we don’t do it for the rewards, I for one left before rewards even hit. It was all about working as hard as we did to try to get the top spot. And it just isn’t right coming up short over a few crowns. But Block is right, it should be about sportsmanship. Skipping so you don’t take the chance of losing any crowns, is strategic yes… But I know there’s a good many people out there that would agree with me when I say it’s a cheap tactic. and there should be some kind of system put in place to prevent that in the future. We play war because of sportsmanship and the love of it. And it’s very frustrating when you put all that work in and something like that happens, it takes Destiny out of your hands and leaves you with a sense of disappointment. It’s just… BS! :grin:

This time, however, I disagree with you :slight_smile:

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