War Updates Coming


Hello everyone!

We’ve been considering all of your great Guild War feedback. We’ve got some updates coming your way next week that we think will make everyone’s War experience better. We’re posting them today so that no one is taken by surprise. Without further ado, here are the changes!

Force Closing During War is Now a Loss

In order to keep War as fair as possible, force closing the game during a War battle will now have the following consequences:

  • Attack Points are spent
  • Heroes are Used
  • Defending NPCs are unaffected
  • Defending Heroes are unaffected

Please make sure you War attacks are done on a stable connection so you don’t lose accidentally!

Failed Attack Bug Fixed

There is a bug where the Attacker sees a success, but there is a defender’s Lineup that still has one Hero alive. This will be fixed and the defender team will all die appropriately (and valiantly!)

More Matchmaking Variety

Many guilds find themselves facing the same opponents repeatedly. We’re increasing the odds that you will get a new Guild, and increasing the range of Guilds considered for each match. This should result in more variety in war matches overall.

War Perks Changes to Slow Down Wars

The intensity of war, with each guild scrambling to donate stamina and make their attacks, is a good thing overall. The real-time stakes adds a lot of coordination and excitement. But the current system also has some drawbacks. Less than half of Guild members get to make attacks and people in certain timezones are not even awake for war.

Currently there are two big factors that limit how quickly a War can end:

  • Getting a player up to 20 Attack Points so they can attack the Keep
  • Making sure the Guild has enough Attack Points to reach and finish the Keep

We’re introducing a few changes to slow the progress of Wars. The result of these changes is that Wars will take several hours to finish, more attacks will be needed and more perks, like Attack Point Generation Rate, will matter. These changes are:

  • Donations: Players can now only receive 5 Attack Points per war, up to 10 with the perk.
  • Increased Lineups per Objective: The number of lineups in the Level 1 Keep and Towers will be increased to to 5.
  • Increased Lineups per Player: We’re adding a third level to the Defensive Teams Perk. Once unlocked, it allows each member to set 3 defensive teams.
  • Increased Tier 2 Tower Upgrade Cost: We are increasing the upgrade cost of Tier 2 towers to Match those of Tier 3 since they both cost 10 Attack Points to attack.

More Powerful Mage Tower Bonuses

Lastly, we’re making changes to the Mage Towers to make them more meaningful:

  • Top Tower: Damage prevention increased from 5% to 20%
  • Mid Tower B: Attackers have 10% less HP, up from 5%
  • Mid Tower C: Attacker generate 20% less Energy, up from 10%
  • Bottom Tower A: Defenders start with 20% more ENergy, up from 10%
  • Bottom Tower B: Defenders to 10% more Damage, up from 5%
  • Bottom Tower C: Defenders regenerate 8% HP/second, up from 1%

Overall we hope these changes will help to make Guild War a better experience for everyone. We’ll be keeping a close eye on how they impact players, and we look forward to your feedback!


I hate this change.

Back to twiddling your thumbs for 15 hours and then hoping your keep hitters’ wifi is faster than your opponents.


these changes sound dreadful, a war wall and marking towers would be more helpful
i know you guys are trying to fix the blitz, how bout making all tier 1 towers mandatory to clear before choosing a lane toward the keep can be achieved


still no changes to Npc or timezones? :angry:


Changes like that require more extensive, and risky, code changes. These are solutions we can put in place quickly to help alleviate issues.


I thought that the perk system was there to allow guilds to change how they fought a war. This feels like going backwards. You should give it more time to sort out naturally.
Right now there are a number of things that help determine how good a guild is in war. Participation, knowledge, planning, skill, and execution.
Limiting the number of donations the player can receive means everyone’s waiting for a point to generate. And we’re back to a 45 second race.

I can only assume that you’re trying to level the playing field a little bit which I understand. But no one has had time yet to really explore all the parks and put them in place and get to use them. You should definitely wait to make these changes.


I appreciate all effort to improve war. I think focus should be on;

two starting war times to accommodate timezones.
eliminate npc aiding the attacker .
find a way so all players can participate in attacking not just donating.
include more heros to add variety and strategy.
eliminate the “race” aspect of war. slowing a race down just makes it a boring race


What about the guilds who have spent influence to get perks? Are we refunded those points? We would have spent differently if we had known you would change it. We have already paid for 5 lineups in tier one towers, do we get those points back?


These are both things we are working on adding in a future update.

War strategy should be centered around picking which line to attack down, that should include which Tier 1 to attack.

We considered this, but the time it would take for guilds to build enough defenses to make wars take more than 15 minutes was going to be pretty long. In short offense trumps defense, so this is us giving the defenses a boost so they become competitive.

All of this will continue to be true.

I appreciate your appreciation :slight_smile:

  1. These changes should make war longer, allowing more people to participate. We will keep an eye on how this affects people in different timezones. We will re-evaluate after these changes.
  2. NPCs are ment to counterbalance the Mage Towers, which is why we have buffed the Mage Towers.
  3. The longer wars will require more attacks by more players.
  4. More lineups per player means more heroes in war.

You will keep your existing perks. For example, if your keep has 3 lineups right now, it will increase to 7 lineups.


Thank you! Now people in other time zones have a chance.


I think this change involves some good first steps to solve the problems with the guild war. Good luck to everyone trying to get enough towers to make the wars last longer than 15 hours!


Appreciate the changes :slight_smile:

Also… Maybe you should make an auto attack function available. As in once you have enough war points you can auto fight a tower / keep with a pre set team and with auto fight.

This will solve the time difference issue.

Also its a HUGE dissadvantage to attack withauto. So manual fighters will still have a benefit.

Not sure about this… It could solve some issues.
Or to make all donations go to a “war pool” where champions and guild leders can share the war points to whoever is online?

But but. Those changes seem good for now :slight_smile: thanks


Guys i think you have some good developers and i trust if theres any flaws they will correct them to the best of their ability. I think a good idea would be automatically everyone who participates in war should have a line. I feel the bottom half of guild members feel very left out as though they are not contributing. I have no clue how this could be done however so i trust that perblue will manage and all the corrections that need to be done will be in the near future. Overall i am glad to see that they are trying to include everyone.


The above changes will make it so everyone in a guild can (and should) put a lineup into a tower.


It can’t be checked whether a force close was on purpose or due to a connection timeout…

Thus, as they can’t be 100% sure whether it was on purpose or not, I don’t think that will happen.


Then you should just lie and start telling everyone what horrible consequences await those who used this cheat before :smile:


Attacking is not the only way of contribution to the War. Donation is another huge aspect.

I feel there is lack in recognizing donation. Please add donation related function.

  1. In the log, please add Donation log. What points donated from who to who. Similar to the current Attack log, in a sense, by sequence.

    AAAAA 5 points to BBBBB 10 points
    CCCCC 5 points to BBBBB 15 points
    AAAAA 1 points to DDDDD 8 points

The point next to receiver is as a result how many point he/she got by then.

  1. Also please add somewhere Points you can receive. It’s hard to know who can receive how many points now.

This is another way to recognize the contribution of the players to the war. There is too much emphasizing in attacking right now.


I completely agree with your first point. Donations given should also be recognized.

There is already a function for this, in the donation menu. It is flawed though. You can see how many points someone can still receive if you click on the “+” to donate. But I’m the leader of my guild, and if you have no points left yourself, you can’t see how many points someone can still receive. It makes regulating the points very hard, so please also let those who don’t have points access this menu.


Exactly. And I don’t want to click on every single players to see what’s the current status.

So I would like to have it in Guild Summery, between donated points and left points ideally.


I’m totally agree, I have to work and not only be aware of the game. Only 5 points means that you have to wait a lot of time