War Updates Coming


I understand why we need to make Guild Wars longer so that they are more competitive, but I really really dislike the change to donations. We bought that perk for the specific purpose of being able to attack the keep easily. If you want to make it longer but Mage towers and use the AP +1 made our war last 3 hours longer. It didn’t make a difference. The stronger team will prevail it will just take longer and then that will affect the amount of war tokens people get daily and that will become an issue. 500 tokens every 2 to 3 days since 15 hour minimum to get 5 tokens without shorter Regen means that it will be extremely difficult to get those characters. Just seems like a very very bad move to lower donation and I feel it minimizes the value that is placed on many of our Guild members. Donations are part of the game and finding a team to help is part of the challenge of running a guild. I been there and it is terrible when you can’t find someone to donate, but it happens. Please strongly consider removing the reduction in donation points or I fear that a lot of people will be upset. Why prolong the fight if the outcome is inevitable an overmatched guild will still lose just slower they will probably forfeit instead get there usual 50% of points and that will be better then a 2 day guild war where they get less points and still lose.


That’s not necessarily true. My guild has won against stronger guilds several times, or lost to weaker. That won’t change if the wars last longer.

It has been discussed a lot that some players don’t get to participate, and making wars last longer will solve a part of that problem. I think that’s worth the disadvantages.

The one thing you mentioned I agree with is war tokens. If wars last longer, we should be able to earn the same amount of war tokens. Thus, I hope the amount of tokens earned will be increased, because I do like the changes to make wars last longer.


To clarify, are all towers increasing to starting with 5 teams or just tier 1 and the keep?


Just gonna write my opinion of the changes with max donation points… you just unbalanced the system. As the system is now (weaker) teams can beat the (stronger) teams just by being around and being more active. But now if you have a full lv 70 guild with near max stars etc. the weaker team can only donate so many to their stronger hitters which limits them to being saved for keep which the weaker team may not even reach… its almost as if some top ranks were complaining about losing a war to weaker guilds because they weren’t as active so these changes were made to mitigate that issue and encourage continued play and possible continued spending. Which makes complete sense also. It doesn’t really matter the reason for the changes. :laughing: Developers are going to do what they want anyways. Bottom line the changes give a slight advantage to those spending more till everyone maxes perks but by then they’ll add something new to give that gap again. but I could be wrong. Guess we’ll just have to see if guilds we beat before due to less activity at war start are able to win after changes.


I don’t lie what I did was suggest. You should reread the original post. Were you one of the cheaters helios? You seem overly concerned with my post :slight_smile:


It’s quite logic that stronger guilds have an advantage over weaker guilds, as I’m sure you agree about. The problem you see is that weaker guilds will have more trouble overcoming this change, even if they’re active. Thing is, letting all members attack was the original plan. These changes will let more people attack, and being active and having a good strategy will still be major factors contributing to who wins the war. But now all players, from all timezones, will need to do their part of destroying towers. I think it’s good if anyone can do some attacks, even if it enlarges the gap between weaker and stronger guilds a little.

I didn’t say you were lying, I said you should lie because past cheaters have nothing to worry about in reality. And no, I never cheated :slightly_smiling_face:


Helios you misread everything about my post. First of all I know that has happened we beat a top 25 guild because there players were inactive or in a different time zone. I also have been on the end where our lose was inevitable because we were overmatched and our best guys just couldn’t reach tier 2 or 3. What do you do when there’s a lvl 70 in tier 1 and your best guy who would attack keep is 65 even if he wins it takes away being able to advance. The donation system is ruined by this change. As a player I disagree with it and I think that all this change will do is diminish the joy of the guild war as people will be sitting around and waiting and waiting and waiting. Guild wars will become a chore rather then be enjoyable. I can see teams who may queue just to surrender and get their 50% of the points and that will be better for them then the actual war. Why not 50% for 3 days is between then the 100% prize on day 3. You get more by surrendering then actually fighting. I just think that you have punished stronger teams for being good. We all want to have fun and play a role but you want everyone to have the same role. A basketball team doesn’t have 5 point guards or 5 centers. Everyone has a role it’s the same way in a guild. Decisions are made that some will attack, some will be in a donation role and that is the role that they play. If they don’t like their role they can increase their team strength or be in a weaker guild. I would love to donate and still make points or sleep through the war and gets points now I know not everyone feels that way I get it. But now you are dictating to guilds what we must do and that seems to be over stepping. Donations need to remain as is or else it will damage the Guild war and possibly turn people off to it. Just a caution this donation reduction needs to be reversed.


If people might misread your posts, what about organising them in an orderly manner, so people don’t overlook information that easily?

The situation you’re describing is a situation in which the guild you’re facing is a lot stronger than your guild. That sucks, but it’s a problem in matchmaking. Even if you could donate an infinite amount of points to your best player, you still don’t really stand a chance. Because some guilds are just better, and not everything can be achieved with activity only. I don’t see how the current changes to the donating system change anything to this situation: It is impossible to win now, and it will still be after the change. What about explaining why the donation system is to blame for this instead of posting something unrelated?

I get a bit more of your point now. You’re saying everyone should have their role, and the weaker players’ role is donating. I think every player might want to attack, weak or strong, and these changes present a necessity of attacking for more members. But, they don’t negate the usefulness of donating. In the end, there will be a Keep left which has to be destroyed, and because of the longer time needed to finish a war the keep hitters will probably have already attacked once. This means they will still need donations to be able to take the Keep down swiftly. Also 10 point towers might require some donations, at the tier 3 or even before that. Donating to people is still without a limit, it’s only the receiving that’s being changed. The real weak players still have their ‘purpose of donating’.

The thing this update does, is letting weaker players attack once and donate the rest, while stronger players might attack thrice. It just adds even more strategy to the war, as every member will have to decide whether it’s useful for them to attack with their strongest, or donate to someone else who can refresh his/her heroes.

You talk a lot about bad consequences like guilds surrendering immediately because they can’t win, but if you want to proof your arguments are true, you’ll have to provide reasoning as to why these changes will create more of those unbalanced matchups.


Helios, I talk about the bad consequences because those have to be factored into a decision. I want to give the developers the ability to see what may be the worst case or Doomsday scenario. I never said it will happen but it is something that the Developers must be aware of.

As for the donation system itself right now we can move 15 to a keep attacker and they are able to attack the keep all that is required is that 3 people donate. Under the new system the war would last at least 15 hours or less depending on your way point regen perk. guilds who had not built that up yet are at a clear disadvantage if you lower the donation process. I bought the perk for my guild so we could attack keep right away. It just seems that all the lower donation system will do is cause people to wait around. In our guild we spent an entire day waiting for someone to get to 20 points because we had exhausted our Max donation of 15 on most players., It still took 24 hours to be able to get the points to finish. The new system would mean an additional 15 hours and with the 3 day limit, more ties will happen at the end of 3 days.

To your point about how that affects the match ups. If you have recieve 15 points now a guild that’s very active could upset a higher team because they are better coordinated. Call it a shock and awe they attack so quick it’s over before the higher guild new what hit them because they can get the points together. The advantage is now with the stronger guild in that they can’t be caught off guard. Upsets are less likely to happen.

As I said before though stronger teams are also affected because if they are well coordinated they still have to wait to get 5 AP to attack keep. This again means at least a day or so to end the war meaning you can’t war every day.

What about new members? They are excluded for 24 hrs to avoid guild hopping I understand. But longer wars hurt them also because they can’t participate. Just my thoughts again and the issues I see. It seems you disagree with me and I understand that I just wanted to let you know my thoughts.


I would say take the time or money to grow stronger just as your opponents have[quote=“Dantheman, post:29, topic:2287”]
. I just think that you have punished stronger teams for being good

as a member of one of the stronger teams I don’t agree. although I hate wars functioning as a race what this does is slow it down long enough for everyone to play. will surrenders happen more? maybe. This game is international so all time zones should get considerations.


Wow so much reading does my head in.


This isn’t true. We faced BB Elites yesterday and we only had 15 extra points, despite starting with 240. Since one of our players couldn’t access their phone, that meant just 9 extra which meant a single loss on anything other than the first tier meant we had to wait 3 hours.

Similarly, my guild 205 points required to clear. That is more than a guild with 40 members and 5 starting points has. Were it not for the change you’re making, we’d have 250 points right now which is more than a 40 person guild with 6 starting points has.

Some guilds had already reached the point where they couldn’t be blitzed.

An additional issue that nobody has brought up is the issue of coordination. In the current system, I have to hound people just once to get on and donate or attack. In the new system I will have to do it multiple times. 2, 3, 4? It’s hard enough to get 40 people to do something once, getting them to do it 3 times? Virtually impossible for people with real life commitments.


only issue is 3 hours is not enough to cover the time zone gap. either way I’d prefer to see the race aspect completely removed


Sure, but the point is guilds were already close to preventing blitzes. Once you get past the 3 hour mark, you only need an additional 40 points for another 3 hours. You guys would have had that this week.

I agree about the race aspect. It solved your timezone issue, but I’m sure created timezone issues for other players that didn’t have it previously.

We shall see. Maybe with mage towers getting buffed wars will be so sloppy that they’ll be decided based on wins/losses rather than speed. I’m skeptical though.


Maybe top guilds were close to stopping a 15 minute blitz, but what about everyone else


I don’t think the non-top guilds even have 15 minute wars (from what I’ve gathered both in-game and from Line). Even if they did, they would have gotten there eventually. That’s the whole point of the perk system.

Your war with Neverland lasted what, 7-8 hours yesterday (before the update)? Does anyone really want to hound 39 other members 3-4x a day?


yes…yes I do :grin: and a part of the reason for our loss was a few were still sleeping. (not taking away from our very well fought opponent) I’m not a huge fan of the new war but it seems better than what we have. I’d prefer a style of war as I’ve previously posted


This update should not be released

I think you are missing the point we cannot let them do this update its all wrong it will make war a task instead of a thrill the additions are all wrong read them i posted them and my opinion down below .add a like if you agree with me or give out your own opinion

Donations: Players can now only receive 5 Attack Points per war, up to 10 with the perk Increased.

(This would slow down any guild by 9-15 hours)

Lineups per Objective: The number of lineups in the Level 1 Keep and Towers will be increased to to 5.

(What so each tower at lvl 1 will  will get 5 additional lineups tier1+5 tier2+5 tier3+5

keep+5 thats  20 more battles thats 225 attack points needed plus what you already had)

Increased Lineups per Player: We’re adding a third level to the Defensive Teams Perk. Once unlocked, it allows each member to set 3 defensive teams.

(Thats is why they are adding a third team per player to fill in the 20 new towers )

Lastly, we’re making changes to the Mage Towers to make them more meaningful:

(More meaningful?  Nope just impossible

Have you pluged in these numbers it would make every hero at tower op the these values are funny)

Top Tower: Damage prevention increased from 5% to 20%

Mid Tower B: Attackers have 10% less HP, up from 5%

Mid Tower C: Attacker generate 20% less Energy, up from 10%

Bottom Tower A: Defenders start with 20%more ENergy, up from 10%

Bottom Tower B: Defenders to 10% more Damage, up from 5%

Bottom Tower C: Defenders regenerate 8% HP/second, up from 1%

(This update should not be released )

(I ask that they review it it needs some improvement )


@Junjun less than an hour until update :heart::unicorn::heart: I’m very excited so I’ve unleashed the unicorn.


Lol guess we will have to go thru with the update :joy: it was a long shot i knew we only had a few minutes left i when posted that but i hope everything im concerned about isnt as bad as i calculated it would be but who knows guess its almost time to find out