War Updates Coming


The update details were gory. But, gotta play it once and find out how it is actually.


@the_pessimist That was very optimistic :wink:


Yes, wars will last longer. That basically is a goal of this update. Like this, even guilds or players in a bad timezone can play and attack. And more lineups also means more strategy required. You might not like needing to be active in war more, but I think the players and guilds that couldn’t participate in the previous way of war deserve this.

My only concern is maybe not receiving a lot of war tokens. I suggest the amount is doubled.[quote=“Junjun, post:40, topic:2287”]
(More meaningful? Nope just impossible

We’ll see how this works out. Don’t worry, if winning becomes impossible for attackers, they’ll change it back. Otherwise, I think it’ll add some more strategy for guilds, which I think is a good thing (instead of mindlessly attacking)


I have a picture of one of my avatars up and it doesn’t: )