WAR. Wins, Crowns, Rank

Could someone please tell me how new guilds can have a chance in war. What I mean is this was our first season in war and won 13 out of 15 we finished rank 27. Another guild also had 13 out of 15 and was ranked 2nd. The guild that was ranked 1st had 7 wins. Sorry if I dont understand properly but I think crowns get carried over so maybe this is why the team with 7 win ended up rank 1 if this is the case then if a guild already has 1000 crowns at start of war how dose the new guild have a chance they start with 0 crowns.
My first post and new to the forum so sorry if not done correctly

Crowns get halved after every season.
It’s a slow climb, but it’s doable.

Orrrrrrrrr. Find a dead guild with a higher crown total, raid it and take it over.
Orrrrrrrrr. Find a half dead guild with an even higher crown total and merge with it and take it over.

To be faiiiir, 27 is really good in your first season and you should be top fifteen anyways this time staying where you are.

Total crowns or the crown gain of last season? As on s11 i haven’t seen us go from 800+ to 400 yet.

The key word in that sentence?


See you tomorrow, Will.

(To be faiiiir, crowns used to get halved. I stopped caring about wars a while ago, so have no idea what happens now. Mayyyyybe they don’t and guilds just get less points for wins when they are ahead)

You will notice a lot of rubber banding as you get more crowns @Bad2TheBone

As you have more crowns, you will earn less.
That’s how you will catch up.
People ahead of you are getting less.
I can guarantee you that much at least is true

Thankyou for the replys. Not sure what rubber banding is Pixie_Mici. You said find a dead guild with a higher crown total and raid it sorry not sure what that means either dose it mean join that guild and become leader not sure how you raid another guild. I am the leader of my guild so dont want to leave my guild. You also said find a half dead guild and merge with it not sure what that means too dose it mean get the active players to join our guild if so that is also difficult as our guild is full. Sorry if this is all easy stuff to understand but I am not sure what it means. Could you explain what you mean please so I can get a better understanding.

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Yes, those are what I meant.

If you have a full guild, and you are winning that much, just keep doing what you are doing.

You’re obviously doing something right :slight_smile:

Rubber banding just means that the amount of crowns you earn for a win, depends on the difference between the crowns you and your opponent have.

If you out rank your opponent, you will get less for beating them. Like in chess.

Ok that rubber banding thing makes sense to me now thankyou Pixie_Mici