Warp Mage not in Hero List


Seems that the Warp Mage has disappeared from my list of Heroes.


Mine has disappeared as well.


I’ve still got mine, might be a server thing. What server are you on? I’m on server 2.


Why has mage disappeared


@Sagatron is probably on server 6 just like me. She was the sign in hero last month and now shes just gone :joy:
Edit: my bad, you can still used her when you select heroes for a daily quest but shes not in your hero list :thinking:


I’m on server 3 and she is still not selectable to upgrade from the hero list, but she is available to to use in game modes.


Same here. I’m on server7


I and my guild buddies have the same problem. Also Server 7.


Yeah same here warp mage disappeared server 7


Warp Mage not available to me also. Also on server 6.