Ways to reduce failed attacks

Guys my guild has been plagued by failed war attacks that leave a 4/5 man clean. I’m wondering if you’ve got any ways to reduce these incidents without:
(a) sending screenshots of lines before attacking
(b) kicking players out for making a bad mistake
If anyone’s got any USEFUL (Mici!!) tips and tricks
then please let me know

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Well you could write in your war chat with the lines that work, and which heroes to use them on…

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But without doing (a) or (b) , then yeah.
You’re hosed.

It will happen and happen lots of times.

Go casual and lose a lot, or get a chat app and go serious and win.

There’s a reason people in top guilds ask for screenshots before hits, and kick people that don’t.
It works.

How do you want to play the game?

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I’m sorry if you don’t like my answers.

Albert Einstein once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

You have a PROBLEM.

The PREVENTION for bad attacks, is to have a discussion whether it will work as a guild, first.

You won’t allow that.

The CURE is to get rid of the people that are making the bad attacks over and over.

You won’t allow that.

That PROBLEM isn’t going to go away.

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Thanks mici first comment was actually helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

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People who ignore that war post.

What will you do about them?

(And I usually try to balance help and snark)

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People who ignore posts and don’t play as a team I will kick

Thanks mici for your help

It’s amazing that Mici doesn’t even need to be tagged to get her attention :slight_smile:

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: got to laugh at that, screen shots before attacks, do people know it’s just a game, oh no did I just let the cat out of the bag

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Some people like to be competitive…and get reward for effort/money put in :man_shrugging:

Cool. Look forward to facing you in war


I see what you’re doing there.
I didn’t do any fortress anywhere yesterday.

Leave me alone

I didn’t even say anything about fort!

Like I need the vials at all Anyways Screenshot_20190705-174827_Portal%20Quest



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So much wasted… Sad face

To reduce failed attacks don’t makethem. Successful ones are best and I highly recommend them. Fieieie…on losing!


As an experienced leader in real life, and in this game I am not a leader, I can say with confidence, attitude reflects leadership. Thems the facts. A good leader knows when to share leadership. Use your team’s skills to the max. Pluck a humorous one from the bunch, the popular with all the players member, train them and give them the rains for line ups. You own the group, that can never be taken away from you. I can say from experience, punaive leadership always ends up in a mass muttany. Players have to feel safe. Mistakes happen, mistakes cannot be avoided. Sometimes every detail needs to be spelled out. Have three or four people sharing your job and three or four back ups and give everyone a chance. I had a very traumatizing experience with my first guild. I still feel the effect of it to this day.

I love the guild I’m in bc of the line chat and communication and images. Using that app gives every style of learning the opportunity to learn in a manner that works best for each individual player. This type of patience and teaching/learning works, tried and true.

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How and where do you find those viles? I have purchased thousands of red and blue vile points but have no idea where they ended up after I claimed my chest, the viles just disappeared.

Go to the dungeon screen.
Then the epic dungeon.

Depending on whether you have a forge item or not, you either have to enter the epic dungeon and look for an anvil symbol…

Orrrrrrrrr… Click on epic forge if it’s unlocked.

Anyways …
In that screen is where all your vials are, and what you can do with them

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