We all get bored


Especially when waiting for a new update. I know I do. Not per blue’s fault (or is it?) That we became addicted to the game and want to see the new heroes and get them maxed out already


:sleeping: yep


Yeah can’t wait for another Phoenix hero


I hear that. I wonder what’s next


Not a phoenix


Holy Moly!
I don’t know where to post this, so I just chose the first thread I saw that had no specific topic.
But oh my … how many posts got flagged on the patch notes topic as being off topic :joy:
What the heck was that about lol.


Please keep your comments directed to the proper thread. Above is the thread dealing with this incident. You are currently off topic and in danger of being hidden, flagged, and even possibly flogged. Thank you for keeping the forum fun and safe for all.


OMG I posted off topic on a thread, then posted about off topic posts on an off topic thread that was the wrong thread about a general topic :scream:


This is my thread and nothing is off topic here


There should be more opportunities to get diamonds.


Game is boring now.


Sashaa on discourse hmmmmmm