We need 5x speed in fortress

Fortress takes too long. Raiding would be problematic, but a 5x speed button wouldn’t. It could be free or unlockable by:

  • VIP level
  • Guild perk
  • Diamonds
  • my favorite: 100k (±) fortress tokens
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Diamonds won’t happen
100k fortress tokens won’t happen
Guild perk 90% won’t happen
VIP level, yeah probably

But I don’t think fortress take that long

Would rather want it on dungeon


Dungeon already has raid and speed. I don’t see how they could speed it up without fighting groups of 20 or somethings.

The only two areas left without speedups or raids are fortress and war. When war 2.0 comes to S1, I’ll probably ask for a speedup there too.


Normally you attack with slow speed in war…
most pro pq players does it


Attacking once or twice a day makes attacking at slow speed with pauses tolerable. Because each fail has a high chance of costing a war, being cautious is even more important.

Attacking five times in ten hours with speed being more important than accuracy changes that dynamic. When the mage towers are down and it’s a race to clear the board, the strategy will be “fire bard, then doggo, then auto with speed.” Clears might be called but initial attacks won’t. The “pro” players may be able to make optimal attacks, but those of us who hit on our lunch break won’t be able to devote an hour to PQ to get all our hits in.

Pro players?
Professional players…?

Wait… People actually get paid to play this game?

If any guilds out there want to pay me a weekly stacked deal to join them and work my fingers to the bone for them, they just have to ask lol.

Actually a weekly stacked deal sounds a lot…
Happy to negotiate :wink:


Just ask my manager Wiz

He’ll be happy to give it to you

"Pro"motional players. The ones who post on youtube and twitch.

What’s the definition of a professional PQ player?

Someone whose spouse has two jobs. :smile:

@WizarteroX still owes me countless sodas, from all the times I have said Jinx to him.

I suppose I could ask him.
It would be a way of encouraging me to try and surpass him in rankings too.

We could motivate each other to do that pesky dungeon.

To be faiiiir, I’ve almost closed the gap…

One day, Wiz.
One day…

To be faiiiir, I have an interview next month for a project manager post.

So… Fingers crossed I can fund my own PQ habit.
And childcare.
And holiday clubs.

Dang it , I’ll probably be worse off lol.

Wow pesky Wiz

Only above you with 000.008 power

And dungeon is fungeon

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