We need to talk about Skull Buster


Just a quick topic:
Skull Buster.
Been with us all from the beginning, was epic in those early days… and now?
Not that great.
Sure he is great in dungeon (increase vigor and fury ferocity people!)…but he is useless practically everywhere else…
When will Skull get his chance to shine?!??!?


Yeah skull is lacking. Would be nice if he could survive a little longer, maybe increase his energy gain, also maybe be able not to be knocked back himself. He does curse and knockback other heroes so those are still good skills.


Now… if only you and me can convince perblue… insert radical plan here
He just has no living ability. Dies within 5sec of any battle outside of dungeon


Vigor in dungeon huh? What have i missed


Vigor is the name of the shrine buff that adds 5% damage.


If you feel that giving me the power to close threads is a bit much, I could tag you every time I feel that a thread is suitable for closing.

If I get it “right” enough times, maybe we can reconsider…