We need war queue logging in war chat

We have been kicked out of war queue twice last season. Or not been matched because of an odd number of guilds. Don’t know. But the response from PB on the ticket was simple that we were to late. But I don’t want to know what happend just after we found out the war started without us. Want to know what happened just before or during the matching process. PB can’t or refuses to give that info, even when a ticket is made. Solution is so simple. When donating points during the war, or even when spar started it is logged in war chat. Do the same for warqueue/leave ear button. Only thing I ask from PB is that the take their gammers serious enough to show, when it happens, that they srewed up and fix it.

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Orrrrrrrrr demote all your warchiefs
Be impressed that the problem is solved.

Promote them one by one till it starts again.

(Seriously though, this message does sound like a good plan)

Why just not provide us with the available info. Safes a lot of effort. And if it happens by mistake makes it easy to fix. Also should show when you not have been paired in the matching progress.

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I think it’s a fair request. If you start a spar there is a trace. There should be the same trace for anyone queuing or unqueuing. Demoting warchiefs is not a viable option unless you wanna force leaders to demote 39 people after every war and promote them again after queue. This day in day out. It would also create an atmosphere of mistrust which wouldn’t be healthy in any guild.


Usually when someone says “seriously though”, it means they weren’t being serious before this…


This is a good idea.

Perhaps you didn’t use the “auto queue” button (the one in the war logs page).
If you use the one in the main guild war page then it only queues you up for your next war, and once you are matched it un-queues you.

Maybe someone accidentally un-queued your guild, then only queued you using the button the on main guild war page, instead of using the auto queue button in the war logs screen.

But yes - has happened to my guild several times. Needs to be logged and viewable by leaders. Kinda like my suggestion many many many moons ago… oh my Screenshot is from Aug 2019 … almost a year ago.