Weekly contests

What has happened to the weekly contests. Has Perblue suffered a brain freeze or are they caught in a feedback loop.

All we get now is Diamonds and Stamina, Gold and XP and the old favourite collect scraps.

Whatever happened to the others. There used be one in dungeons (which I hated) and a good interesting one set in the Arena. Probably more than those.

I’m pretty sure the program wouldn’t have been thrown away and they could be updated fairly easily. Devs never throw anything away.

Come on. Give us some variety. Please


Bu-but dungeon and arena contests don’t make PB money :no_mouth:

Arena does

Why even try? The amount of points you need for he rewards are astronomically large, anyway.

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Annnnnnndddddd we all know no one stands a chance against me in arena contests :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That much. Is true

Does it? News to me

We want variety back. And some energy in the rewards. And be able to offer in our guild shop forge keys, we have a butt load sitting around in our inventory. And a red dot on the campaign thats needs gear from that chapter, not after u get in the chapter. We want killing bosses contest. And dungeon contest.

Im a F2P master, i wait to upgrade heros until a xp contests, then wait to farm gear scrap until a stamina or scrap contests. But the collect scrap contests are completely stupid, so im just going to start skipping all collect scrap contests from now on. But even while trying to kill 2 birds with one stone, I’m slowly falling behind from a lack of a decent resource stream.

I too miss the dungeon contests, but the thing about dungeon contests is they were completely fair. You had to play to win, you couldn’t buy 1st place, … so i guess they had to go.
Contests, for the most part are now a complete scam, their only purpose is to trick us into spending all our resources on mostly worthless rewards.
Even Portsl Lords is becoming littered with useless rewards. Stamps, old heroes, and a few pieces of gear scrap, not even a completely upgrade piece, just what you would get from raiding a campaign level once.

The sad truth is, Pb never really grasped the concept of leveling rewards with the game. Since the very beginning rewards never scaled properly until the community complained. Unfortunately there’s not enough activity in these forums anymore to make an impression.
Take Royal tournament, 40 or 60 thousand gold, so after a months worth of RT, you have enough gold to buy 1 or 2 level 250 skills. Or token based rewards. You get 10 tokens, while it takes 1000 to buy 5 epic gear scraps. So after a 100 defensive arena victories, you can buy the same amount of tokens you can get from 1 epic-epic dungeon boss victory. How long do you think it takes to get 100 defensive arena victories for the average joe? Never mind that arena is filled with basically the same lines and if you dont stay current, winning is near impossible. Why dont we get a new difficulty for tower and trial mode with every level cap update?
Silver chest??? What good are they, other then getting a free way to accomplish the daily quest. Does anyone actually buy them with gold anymore?
Ive got what seems like thousands of useless hero essence that just gets in the way of upgrading wild/wild essence, because pb made all the normal essence worthless. But they sit there with my 15 thousand gingerbeard shards.
And then there’s the guild shop, a place that could actually fix alot of these problems buy letting us trade in resources that are unnecessary for things like xp, or new hero shards, but guild shop is near worthless because you can only earn 3k script a day.
Im sick and tired of Perblue feeding us “cake”, give us some steak, or at least chicken. If Burger King can sell chicken nuggets for 10 cents each, Pb should at least be able to scale their d@mn rewards and still make money. Dont milk you loyally addicted customers because you lack the economic vision to sustain a game.

This game is mummified in cash grab mode,… (its the only new mode we get) its stagnant water thats poisonous to drink. Instead of adding new game modes, they’ve added a collection mode, so now instead of playing, we just collect stamps and costumes. But they cant even release costumes for every hero, they abandon the prestige items that were actually interesting and gave us chat stamps… how about a stamp to express our disappointment?
Ive watched the player base dwindle to a mere several hundred players who just aren’t ready to let it go. It used to be something amazing, the community was amazing and the interaction between both player and designer was respectable. Now its just going through the motions of existence.
I understand the economics completely, that there has to be a revenue stream for Pb to make everything work, but just because money has to be made doesn’t mean it has to be made like this…
I could go on forever, and I apologize to the OP for including my rant in this topic, but what’s a person supposed to do. Ive spent thousands on this game in 4 years, ive stopped spending money when i realized that Pb wasn’t going to add anything new. Thats what drove away the player base, everything became stale. I’ve witnessed the best of times this game has offered and sadly now see the worst. Just because Pb wants to milk a dead cow doesn’t mean i, or anybody for that matter has to stick around to watch. So as soon as my stockpile of research runs out, so will I. I don’t want to leave, but sadly i also dont want to stick around, so hopefully Pb doubles down on these contest costs, so i can get outta here sooner and find something better. There’s just nothing to stick around for, its stale, time consuming, and impossible for a F2P player to even compete in any event anymore. A game needs to create a sense of accomplishment, a desire to continue. Portal Quest has sadly lost these two very important gameplay elements.
When you live in a world that refuses to change, you need to change your world. I figure ive got about 3 months left before i can change mine.
Again, sorry for the rant.:grin:


I agree with most of what you said :slightly_smiling_face:

I like to think I’m a F2P master as well. However, not only am I not falling behind, I’m actually slowly and steadily increasing my hoard. Realmhunters helps a lot as we often get 10+ gift your guilds each time, but so do the little things like making sure you get a decent arena placement every day (for diamonds), dungeoning every once in a while and using the favors on diamond crits, and using those diamonds to refresh and buy stamina from the diamond shop.

As for scrap contests being completely stupid, I cannot disagree more. Individual scrap contests require significantly less stamina to hit progress rewards than stamina/diamond contests if you farm chapter 14-6, I believe the cost is about 2000 stamina packs last time I checked. The progress rewards more than make up for that in my opinion (1000 diamonds is worth 740 stamina packs, 5 trial resets is about 400 million XP during quad trials which is already worth more than the remaining 1260 stamina packs imo, don’t forget other stuff like chests and cosmetics). As for guild scrap contests…let the whales do the whaling while you sit back and collect rewards for free. :grinning:

I also disagree with your stance on PL rewards. It takes less than 20 minutes to do your 16 quests, and you get 13 trial resets out of it. That alone worth over 1 billion XP during quad trials (hardly a “useless reward”) and makes the time spent doing the quests more than worth it.


I agree with all of these points. I’d like to think I’m a good f2p player too, but nothing on GP. Scrap contests are ez picking. Stamina contests are only participated in as an extra whilst gearing, and gold xp is an actors reward whilst levelling and skilling, and guild contests are basically free if you have a Whaley guild. PL is easy and quick, just don’t take epic shrine quests, and the trials resets make it worth it

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Specs is being humble :stuck_out_tongue: he’s a great F2P player and an even better person to be in a guild with :blush:


It’s been a long time since I was in realmhunters…

But this is how I envision the guild chat :wink:




Actually it’s more like this:

Person 1: “How did you fail that attack”
Person 2: “[Explains how it fails]”
Person 1: “I bet I can beat it first try in spar”

[Person 1 wins 2 star in spar and posts video]

Person 1: “Git Gud”

[Person 2 spars as well and wins 3 star, posts video]

Person 2: “Git Gud yourself”

[Next war person 2 fails another attack. Person 1 picks an identical line in the same tower, wins, and posts video.]

Person 1: “Giiiiiittttttt Guuuuudddddd”

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@Specs whale is much bigger than both of those combined :whale:

That she is.

She’s once, twice, three times a whaaaaaaaaalllley whaaaaaaalllle.

She was a very good catch indeed.
Pesky one that got away :frowning:

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You should have seen the recruiting pitch we wrote :see_no_evil:

How do you get 16 Portal Lords quests? I only seem to be able to get 4 max daily.

Edit: and thank you for the great info! Already putting it to good use :slight_smile:

It’s a 5 day event. You get 3 quests automatically per day. (15 quests total)

You also have the option to buy a 16th quest for 100 diamonds. You can only do this once per event :slight_smile:

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