Weekly quest timer should be removed

I really wish the weekly caches from quests were on a personal time table, like right now I have to wait 6 more days because I was offline the other day. And all quests became pointless.

Or at least remove the timer to loot them. I see no point for that waiting timer to begin with:

wanna play a day and get one loot crate? Great here you go. Wanna bank em up and open all at once? Have at it.

This is my only stale point for the game

It can be a hindrance in that respect.
Would be nice to collect them at your own leisure rather than immediately but it’s the nature of some parts of this game…
Forget to collect in game mail on time and bam its vanished… That aspect of the game has taught me to ensure I’m available to collect things early regardless of sleep deprivation.
I hate missing out on freebies :rofl:

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