Weekly quests rewards


Just wondering…has anyone else been unable to get their weekly quest rewards. This has happened to me twice now where I am unable to collect my weekly quests rewards. It clock just resets to the 6 day 23 hour 59 sec countdown.


Same here. On s4, s7 and s9.


Yup. Didnt claim, have 5/5 earned. Clock just reset to 6d 23h etc. Tried restarting app. :frowning:


Same here, Server 1 and 7.


I’m in the same boat, just came here to look for help or an advice. Was looking forward to all that cash I could get.


I have the same problem on s1, clock resetted but no possibility to claim my rewards…


I’m having the same issue and also the game crashes when I try to play in a new tournament.


It’s being reported game wide, so I’m sure a dev will look into it sooner or later. I’m confident that everyone will get their reward. Per Blue has always been great about making sure everyone gets what they should. But given that it’s a holiday and quite early still, we might have to be a little patient.


Nobody in my guild received them either. Everybody is pretty upset. On server 8.


Okay, I thought I was only one. Glad to know it’s system wide. But they will not look at it till the 7th as offices are closed.


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Server 9, no dice :frowning:


Same here. Timer reset, but can’t collect the weekly quest rewards.


No weekly rewards here either. Timer just reset. WTF???


Because the game is actually broke system wide, i expect them to look at it today sometime.
It’s the basic individual player tickets they won’t get to till January


No rewards on server 1. Just reset the timer


We’ll be performing a server update at 2:00 PM CT today (40 minutes as of this post) to address the weekly quest issue. Thanks for your patience everyone.


Probably I won’t be able to complete the weekly quests without today :frowning:


I’ve got the same problem


Same here!