Welcome to Discourse


Welcome to Discourse!
Here are the instructions for how to get connected.

What do I do the first time I enter Discourse?

  1. Open Portal Quest
  2. Tap your player portrait
  3. Tap “Community”
  4. The new forum, Discourse, will open in a browser

Discourse will create a username based on your in-game name. Each Portal Quest account will have a unique login name/account. At this time, your username cannot be changed once it is set.

How do I log into the Portal Quest Discourse site without going through the game?

The first time you log into Discourse, you will need to do so through the game. After your account is created, you will need to do several things:

  • Associate an email address with your Discourse account:
    • If there is an email address associated with your Portal Quest account, Discourse will be set up with that email address. There can only be one discourse account per email address, so if you have another account with the same email address, we will reuse that account.
    • If there is no email address associated with your Portal Quest account, the system will use a default dummy address as a temporary address. Change your email address through the Discourse Settings page. You will receive a link at the email address you provide - so make sure you can access it!
  • Set your password: use the password reset feature in Settings, which will send a password reset link to your email address


Cool and neat game I hope I can win some diamonds


Game is addicting. Keep up the good work.


@autobot I’m supposed to write anything down. Hi, cool game, not boring. Rewarding. Lots of chances to level up. Keeps my mind sharp. Strategic game.


@Ironangel Perhaps you should lock this thread, considering almost every forum user sees it and it’s been open for 9 months now?


When I went to change my email, I hit return instead of the delete button. So it sent whatever I needed to some invalid address. Now I can’t modify my email and I’m stuck. Please help me. Sorry😕