What a difference a day makes

Twenty four little hours…

So, yesterday.

The post that earned me that suspension was only visible for about 5 minutes, so it’s not like I could ask people if they thought that was harsh.

I guess people were just grumpy that war was broken and my cynical implied vulgarity was perhaps tone deaf to the situation.

Then, today.

Pesky automated algorithms.



Can someone put my account on hold?

I’ll just leave this here

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One day it will matter :thinking: less than it does now, if that’s even possible :rofl:


What a nice holiday that was.

Meh … smee … hoo bula bula skoona

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What the heck … last days of the game so I’ll bump the Topic :rofl:

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True, so the day that will matter most is the very last one :grinning:

The last day won’t matter at all.

The decision to stop will have happened long before that last day.
When per blue make the choice to increase the monetisation to the point that even the second tier whales stop spending, that’s when the decision will happen.

The decision to close the game will be made, and some arbitrary date in the future will be picked.

But the last day itself will be irrelevant.

It will come unannounced, unless on Playstore and then maybe Forum after if you can still get here :rofl:

Hi, I’m new … ooops, wrong thread :rofl:

Sounds familiar :thinking: … but that was Gree and … oh, nevermind :laughing:

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