What are Stars for?


I’ve been trying to find details on the game, or a thread here explaining what the stars are for. I understand it’s for ranking purposes, but what exactly does it help or affect on a hero?


It is a second way of upgrading heroes. You can get 5 stars by gathering and using hero shards. With each star your hero gets stronger. It is not so much as upgrading the equipment, but it is quite necessary to keep up with everyone.

After getting all stars (or in between if you want it so) and having orange level, you can use the extra hero shards you get to evolve to Epic level. That way your heroes will get even stronger.


In this case, a hero who has less power than another hero can beat them just on the fact they have more stars?


I always went by this chart:

The star rating is a multiplier of the base health and attack a hero has at a given rank.

As an example, a 5 Star Orange+4 Cogmaster has exactly twice as much attack and health as a 1 Star Orange+4 Cogmaster.


Not really. In the beginning I often had only 3 stars and would easily beat people with 5 stars. Upgrading your equipment is most important. Than the stars. That will only play a role when everybody is maxed. Then it will give a small power advantage. But that’s it. Power doesn’t mean anything most of the times. You can for example use a not so powerful Spell Binder in combo with not so other powerful defense heroes to give time to energize her. At that point she’ll possess the opponent. First the opponent will kill his own team and after that the last enemy can’t move anymore and takes damage as well. And there you are, maybe with 10000 power extra, but useless in this case…
Just a simple example of course, you can always counter in other ways. But it is to point out that aspects and skills matter more… If you are about the same level of course as your opponent (and equal gear).


Of course, another thing to note: even though in the beginning, stars were quite useless in the early levels, it is quite important to get as many hero shards as possible since Epic came along. That does has a major effect on game play


Well I’m on Server 7 so quite new. It seems maxing out all the skill levels is more important than stars.

More often than not, I’ll beat a team of 5 star heroes with more power, just because they’re higher level but haven’t levelled their skills up


Gear has the most effect
Upgrade that first


Exactly right


Ha ha yes yes yes