What are the best guild war defense teams?


I’d like to discuss the best strategies for defense teams in war. Even if it’s just a hypothetical team you’ve never actually used, if you think it’d work, post the heroes and explain why it’s good.


I’m a new player, so I’m not familiar with what heroes Is good and what hero is not, If possible it’d be nice if you could give some feedback if you don’t mind, it’s not mandatory you give me it, just some personal advice I should do to improve on it.

Howling Claw
Basically I’d like to keep howling claw obviously at the front lines due to his ferocious damadge he displays in battle, I kept him on the right side so he doesn’t get attacked as much as my left frontside.

Now I’m not particular sure with this one, I just use it because it’s got some pretty decent damage, this is one is my frontline left man, I put him in the left side which is targeted the most because he has more durability than howling claw (In my opinion) and also displays a lot of damage, but not as much as howling claw

Forest Hermit
Forest hermit is one my favourite support players, as most of you experienced players know he has abilities that benefits the team, I put him on my buttom, right because that’s usually the spot where you rarely get attacked (again this is just my opinion) and by doing this it will give him plenty of time to assist the team with his skills

Mass Destruction
This guy is just superiorly strong overall, I kept him on the support line on the top left, he had amazing strength, and could be a huge help to annihilating stronger enemies quick.

Princess Portal or Highway man
Now I’m not sure which one is stronger, I feel like highway man is but these 2 are my most helpful heroes in the middle of the support line, which also assist in downgrading the HP of our opponents.