What are white & blue skills on red hero's?

I have red hero’s,what are the white & blue skills about?,& What does the yellow bar above heroes heads mean,& icons above heroes heads when fighting?

  • A white skill is the Heroes Active Ability. In the Skills Tab of a Hero it’s the one at the top. Has a White Border
  • The Blue skill is the Third skill in the Skills Tab, it has a Blue Border and unlocks when a Hero reaches Blue rarity
  • The Icons display the Buffs and Debuffs a Hero has on them while fighting
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The white skill is the one that you activate when you push the circle.

The blue skill is a skill that automatically fires without you doing anything.
Usually it fires at a certain point in the battle and then every X seconds afterwards, unless explicitly stated in the skill text.

For completeness…

In order…

White skill: used when you press the button
Green skill: passive and automatic
Blue skill: triggered automatically at certain times
Purple skill: passive and automatic

After that is the red skill, which you choose from the two honour options

Just in case of lurkers that were curious :slight_smile:


The one that goes down as your heroes are being hit, and when it’s empty they die…?

Yeah, that’s their health bar.

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I would think they do the same thing that they do at all the lower rarities, Dear

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Doesnt she mean the energy bar?

That’s not above the heroes heads on the war screen though.

The energy meter may be yellow, but it’s not a straight bar, or above the heroes heads…

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Thanks soooo much for explaining all of that,i think I understand?,ive just noticed that my red hero’s on level 140,have been unlocked,so waiting for them to unlock the campaign next level, things are getting good, thanks again Hun x :kissing_heart: