What determines how many crowns you get from each war battle?


I figured wins but what else?


Time, each 24h that pass you get about 15 crowns.


Also… the difference in your level of crowns versus the opponents.


This is my guild on server two, and how they levelled up during the course of a war season.
We took no days off, so you can see how many days each war took, by the date of the next one.

As you can see, the average is 14 per day, for two equally matched teams.
When we fought someone with more crowns than us, we got more.
When we fought someone with less crowns, we got less.

So. Time and crown difference. That’s it.


The key war to look at is against no one knows.

The crown difference was so big, we got eight crowns per day for that one :frowning:

Also… Pesky out of order pictures