What do you guys think of the new Dungeon so far?


I didn’t get max rewards yet so will be able to unlock it tomorrow, but those of you have - how is it? Hard? Easy? Rewarding? Fun? Boring? Confusing?


Really lame rewards and takes a long time.


Seems more like a game mode for your down time and for quite a while the rewards suck.


Do the rewards ever get good? I have a guildie at dungeon lvl53 and he says its still just trash. BTW, it took him hours to get there.


Someone said you could get diamonds, but I forget which level that was said.

Many players say it’s not worth it. I find it alright cause it passes time. The items do accumulate into a small fortune of gold.

It makes sense that it’ll be too boring, easy, and less rewarding at first, considering this will probably unlock to newbs at lower levels.

I’d like to know what happened to the daily quest though. Seems to have disappeared.


Lame rewards so far but only floor 26. Any ideas on how the dungeon xp works?


Is this what you intended, PerBlue?


So basically Iv got to level 62. And collected the trophies ? Is that now dungeon XP I never get back as it’s capped at level 9 ? And a ridiculious amount of torches wasted for item drop chances to be increased tomorrow? You promote a competition to unlock dungeon early , and the people who pay your wages and do that , get the short end of the stick ?

. This is what you get at level 62? What a waste of 4-5 hours of my life .


Hmmm. Wasting 4 hours on a game. Now THAT is dedication :joy::joy::joy:


With the news that 1.5.1 is coming today, perhaps @Ironangel could answer some questions for us?

  • What’s the point of resetting?
  • What’s the point of dungeon experience?
  • Why is it capped at 9 and when can we expect that to change?


Reset the Dungeon when all your Heroes are dead, you run out of Torches or you want to go back and re-run a specific Floor.

Dungeon Experience
Dungeon XP gets you Dungeon Levels - like Team Levels. When you reset, you get a number of free Torches, up to your Dungeon Level. For Instance:

  • If you are Dungeon Level 50, you get up to 50 free Torches when you reset
  • Your free Torches work like this:
  • If you have 0 Torches, you get up to your Dungeon Level
  • If you have some Torches, but less than your Dungeon Level, we will give you enough to bring your total Torches up to your Dungeon Level
  • If you have more than your Dungeon Level, you get no Torches

Dungeon Level
Dungeon Level is capped at 70. The level 9 limit was an error that is corrected in the soon-to-be-fixed update.


Dungeon is great. Would it be possible to introduce a double walking speed?


The speed is only fast if that’s what you have set in attack mode. Like when you fast forward battles, leave the fast forward on and it shouldn’t be so slow


Or find the bosses in the dungeon I’ve done twice 46 floor I can not find any Boss


The lock-picking perk seems grossly under-powered. 1,000,000 influence for 4% increased chance? You can spend 5 minutes in dungeon and find a shrine that gives you 10%. It seems like the cap is 40% from shrines, from what we’ve gathered … so a million influence to add 4% to 40? That is … really underwhelming.

If everyone in your guild earns 1500 influence a day and you have a full 40 people, that’s 17 days worth of influence. For 4%.


That makes no difference I bet you use android… I use iPhone it’s stuck on tortoise mode I have seen continents move faster! Would appreciate a post from perblue on this


Yes I use an android. I have no use for anything apple related. There are differences and if they try to fix that issue something else will go wrong


@Ironangel how does the Torch Welfare perk work? It says, “Start dungeons with 30 additional torches.”

Does that extra only apply if you reset? Or do you get it once daily the first time you enter?

I’m assuming it’s only the first, which … again, seems really underwhelming. I may not end up resetting at all this week, so my guild spent 1,000,000 influence for … nothing? Obviously players who reset frequently will get some benefit out of it, but for that amount of influence, it really feels like it should be given each day.

Also, is that extra amount applied before or after your dungeon level? For example, if you’re dungeon level 70 and have 0 torches, when you reset you’ll get 70. With the +30 perk, would you end up with 70 still or 100?

Post 1.8 Update: Perk Change and Known Issues

i rarely play the normal capaign, which is where the torches are… so I’ve no intentions of even trying the dungeon… hope i can sell my 10 torches for gold


So my thoughts on dungeon loot and the reset feature:

So far I’m only up to level 34. I’ve not seen any purple gear drop yet (starts at 27+). The best gear doesn’t drop until level 50.

Let’s kind of split that difference and say the average player will start seeing useful gear starting at dungeon level 40.

That means the first 39 floors are an unrewarding mindless slog just to even get to a floor where you might see something interesting. This … does not seem like fun.

Of course, once you get there, you have the ability to reset and immediately jump back to that level for a certain cost in torches (it’s expensive and the amount of torches you get back from your dungeon level won’t come close to covering it; for example, going back to level 49 would cost 126 torches and the max you can get is 70 if you are totally out). This means you reduce the boring, unrewarding part of the dungeon … but you also miss out on all the good shrine effects.

As I mentioned, I’m only at level 34, but I’ve got +20% dmg, +20% health, +40% lock pick (and this is important because those traps are what will eventually do you in), +1 shrine effect to choose from, and a few other short term buffs.

So that means if you jump immediately back to floor 49 (or wherever you were), you miss out on all those crucial buffs from shrines. It’s like a lose-lose situation.

edit: Also forgot to talk about torches themselves. Dungeon has been described like this by PerBlue:

But I think it fails in that regard. The only way to get torches is to run the campaign (Normal only, too! :frowning: ) or buy them for gold/diamonds. I had a guildmate who was super into Dungeon as soon as he unlocked it and he went as far as he could before running out of heroes - level 70!!

He also ran out of torches. So his very first run through, he ran out of torches. Now the only way to get them back is by … using stamina to run through the campaign. Or spend valuable gold/diamonds on them.