What do you guys think of the new Dungeon so far?


Torches from Torch Welfare are added to your reset total set by your Dungeon Level). Using my example from earlier:

  • If you are Dungeon Level 50 and Guild Perk Level 2 (10 Torches), you get up to 60 free Torches when you reset
  • If you have 0 Torches, you get up to your Dungeon Level + Guild Perk amount
  • If you have some Torches, but less than your Dungeon Level + Guild Perk , we will give you enough to bring your total Torches up to your Dungeon Level + Guild Perk Level
  • If you have more than your Dungeon Level + Guild Perk , you get no Torches


It’s way too slow gameplay, just watching the heroes walk takes ages. What is the point of that? The rewards are really poor, once contest is over I’ll probably just play one level a day to get the quest fulfilled.


feel like the stamina timer takes way to long I mean 10hrs lol


I really like the dungeon, mostly cause I love games I can sit and grind for hours. I got the time and essentially free stuff for my time is awesome to me. They made some vast improvements the day after a lot of us had it unlocked, though I still think there is some room for improvements. Wells are mostly underwhelming, using the first few levels to identify positive ones gives little reason to risk drinking ones on deeper floors, basically once you know which one gives you sight and removes a debuff the others are not really needed. Blood of the bull is very situational as it requires you to have the dead hero in your party. And if one of your heroes die you basically have to b line to a shrine or portal to switch out. Would be more useful if it revived a hero regardless if they were in your party or not, or let us add dead heroes to our party, so if we do find one we can double back to revive the one that was killed. Also the guild perk for torches should be a daily grab like raid tickets and diamonds for monthly. It makes little sense to reset when you are 40+ floors deep and can keep pushing on for the better rewards. Other than that I feel its a pretty solid feature, and look forward to crushing some poor boss when 1.6 drops.


Thanks. So I’m still a little confused about how it works, to be honest, especially with this last bullet point.

So, let’s say I am dungeon level 9 and I have 100 torches when I reset. Obviously I wouldn’t get any from my dungeon level. Are you also saying that the guild perk wouldn’t give me any either?!

In the other scenarios … let’s say I am dungeon level 50 and I have 0 torches when I reset. Do I get 50 torches for the dungeon level and then it adds the extra 30 on top? So I would end up with 80? Or does it include the 30 from the perk in that calculation and I would only end up as 50?

Also, I agree with what @Akmed said, the perk should give them daily. The way it is right now offers too little reward for the influence that we paid; most players won’t be getting those torches every day. Heck, I’ve had the dungeon open for 4 days at this point and I have yet to reset which means that perk has provided me absolutely zero benefit. It’s really disappointing so far.


I think you saying this before having all the information. Judging from the screen you see the first time you enter the dungeon (and probably after you reset as well) different game modes will be added (and it was also said that endless would be the only available mode for now), for which you might want to reset on a daily basis which would make those extra torches useful.

I would agree that resetting would work better for now, and wouldn’t work any less good if such a game mode was added, but I think waiting is in order before judging this guild perk.

This is something weird. Ironangel’s explanation is quite clear that that would be the case, but the description of the guild perk suggests it would be 110 in this case so that is misleading…


It’s quite boring and time consuming… plus it’s annoying that the chat comes up. They should have the little icons and not have the contestant global chat pop up over the map, which prevents from clicking on the next stone and having to click on the larger map - therefore more time consuming.


Bad. TL:DR The game design is poor, the implementation is poor and some things simply do not make sense.

Almost everything could be improved. Criticisms are followed by suggestions how to improve, where possible.

The shrines often cover paths leading away
The hero tag often covers the platform you want to go to
The chat almost always covers where you want to go (why put it in the "action window??)
You can’t select the small islands. (If you can’t select them, don’t make it look like you can, make it a road or something)
When you select the map, then zoom the map judders at about the right rate to give you epilepsy.
When you select the map, then zoom, the next time you select a platform, the marker starts off in mid air.
In the second or so while the game thinks about what it is doing at the platform, you can select another platform (the dots appear) and a variety of things happen, such as the fight screen does not appear until you close the map screen.
The screen often freezes if you interact with chat while it is "thinking"
The graphics are super slow (Ipad air)

You get a chest and have to click to open. Or I could click to NOT open… except I can’t
You get the option to take the item. Except it is not an option, thus a second click for nothing.
(Why click twice, make it once, or even allow selling on the spot)
Same issue as chests, why am I clicking to acknowledge I have hit a trap? I hit it, or I didn’t. Take that click away
Give an option to automatically have the trap activate, it is not like clicking twice actually does anything, other than slow you down even more
Traps often simply do not make sense. If I am blinded for the next battle, why can’t I put out my torch, since I obviously don’t need it for the next battle.
Stun is the same. I am either stunned for the next square, or I lose some torchlight but I DON’T get to run around to the next encounter THEN suddenly become stunned.
The text does not fit in the box!! (was this play tested?)
Drink the oil to get your torches to last longer? No thanks, perhaps dip your torches into it?
The torch animation tells you less than nothing. You can’t tell how much you are going to use, it doesn’t go down as you move, so why is the indicator even there?
Torches are a limited resource, predicated on another limited resource, why would you do that?
Dungeon xp. (some assumptions)
The dungeon xp grows too slowly. Example: I can get to 37 and my dungeon xp is 12. So either I have to die a lot at 37, or start again at 12. Total waste of time.
So slow. Everything is slow. Walking when you have 50 floors to do and it takes 10 seconds to get from one platform to another… is groan worthy.

So yeah, not impressed at the quality or thought that went into it. Basically a waste of time and effort.


You can go into your settings and turn off chat previews…moving chat else where on the screen seems pointless just show previews or dont your choice


So right now I do at least one level each day just for the daily. If I have extra time to kill, I do a few extra levels. I’ve had access since a day after the first folks got in … and I have still not reset. In fact, I just started getting purple drops.

Let’s assume I need to reset after 14 more levels and I get 2 a day … that’s almost 2 weeks without resetting. So that torch perk is absolutely worthless.

Also the fact that they’re trying to monetize torches (was a deal the other day for 50 torches for $10) proves that dungeon completely fails its supposed purpose of providing content that isn’t throttled by your stamina expenditure.

edit: it took me 8 torches to do a single floor today. I only aim for well and then leave, but had to explore every tile before I found the exit.

Dungeon Reset - Torches

Why not setup dungeon bosses much like golem towers were, have individual bosses waiting at every 5-10 levels. Perhaps even more frequently and give your creative designers more opportunity to come up with more ideas. Increased difficulty per level etc…


For now, yes. But I’d rather see a new dungeon mode added for which the perk would be useful, than have it be changed into a daily reward. It both requires an update, so let’s just see how they’ll try to make the dungeon less boring. I believe it was already said that something would be added to the dungeon in a future update.


Some suggestion:

  1. VIP perk to double travel speed … Unlock for free players when they reach dungeon lvl 50

  2. Soft reset by multiple of 10 ( resetting to eg. lvl 20 will let you acces to a special stage where there is a fountain that let you pick 19 random buff ). The price you pay are all the items lost till the lvl 20 the exp and some torch

  3. Weel balance … Negative weels are realy debilitating ( like the white one ), positive weel almost unusefull apart from the vision one.

The system is far from replacing the N.Camp so just make our life a bit easier


This makes zero sense dude. You want a perk that people have already paid a significant amount of influence for to continue being worthless because in a future they might add a new mode that might make the perk useful?



No, you just don’t want to understand it. With the current situation, adjusting the perk is obviously the best solution. But that requires an update. So, (unless PB has an update in between for bug fixes and fixes like these,) I’d rather see the dungeon improved than have the perk changed.

You say the perk will be useless until they add a new mode in a possible future. That is correct, but you’re leaving things out. The perk will also be useless until it’s changed to a daily reward. Both changes are in the future and I’d rather see all dungeon features first, before they start adjusting things that affect the whole dungeon and not just endless mode.


I think the perk should be changed honestly. From X free torch to decrease the torch comsumption by X% ( 5/10/15 based on the perk lvl )


New content will take longer than a change to existing content. Look at how quickly they got 1.5.1 out - a single day!

Yet what is the average time it takes new content to be released? A month? More?

1.3 - July 14th
1.4 - Aug 8th
1.5 - Sep 1st

So if the options are - get an updated perk next week that is useful or wait a month (or longer) for a new mode … I choose next week.

It’s probably like a one line code change.


If the perk isn’t worth the price, why not request a refund and spend the influence points on something more useful now? Then revisit the perk again later after it has been fixed or continue to avoid it if it is not fixed?


Well some of us have nothing else to spend our influence on other than Guild name changes :confused:


We can relate a little too well there lol.