What do you guys think of the new Dungeon so far?


I’d like to keep my permanent buffs even when I reset. This would allow for players to stack buffs and take advantage of this “endless” dungeon once there are additional perks added to make this worth it. We know they’re coming…

I’d also like the option of putting the dungeon on auto pilot.

Or having boss battles that friends and guildies can assist you in defeating to share the plunder and honor.


Boss battles are coming in 1.6.


i actually made it to lvl 2 in dungeon… don’t plan on ever going back… expecting an ‘opt out’ of dungeon toggle, (located in preferences), with next update/patch ;)) !!!


Hate the dungeon considerably less after having completed that initial dive :fearful:

Ultimately glad for new content and having an area beyond crusade that rewards recovery characters. Just clean up the event splashes- one click to open a chest (no clicks, also acceptable). And do we really need to be asked if we want to drink from the cursed fountains? Suicide is never the answer.


I made it to floor 64 without touching a well.

Wells are stupid. The harm they make is much more affecting than the good.

What can u get? Golden expandable goat torch that last for one floor or a permanent debuff to hunt you for the rest of your life.

Tip: dont use wells at all. Just go for the green thing to unlock sights and combat buffs.


I absolutely hate the “disabled skill” trap. It happens faaaar too often even when you have your lockpick maxed (44%). I think the chance of that happening needs to be reduced, or the chance of finding a shrine/well that cleanses them needs to be drastically increased. Having one of your two skills disabled can totally ruin a hero.

And it’s not easy to switch heroes out, either. You have to use a bunch of torches just to do that, and torches are in short supply because the perk sucks.

Did I mention the perk sucks? Here’s an example of how much it sucks:

So my buddy @Eminence_Talon_IV finally runs out of heroes at level 71. You can tell at 71 he’s actually been pushing the dungeon; yet, despite that, he’s only dungeon level 18. Because he’s been spending actual resources like gold and stamina on farming torches, he’s got a decent stockpile of torches.

So when he resets he gains up to 28 torches (18 for his level + 10 from the guild perk). So in this case, he gets nothing for it. This perk is SO BAD.

Other miscellaneous things I’d like to see:

  1. [EDIT: Having done this a couple other times now, I think I just misclicked afterward; I still think it would be nice to be able to descend.] I may have just misclicked while not paying attention, but I don’t think that’s what happened - I was at the entrance to the next level and was debating swapping out one of my skill disabled heroes. I hit the “keep exploring” button and … next thing I know I’m on the next floor. I definitely did not mean to go up. I don’t think I clicked the button to go up. And yet … I went up. I have no way to go back down, either. So I think a) it shouldn’t automatically make you go up if you click Keep Exploring and b) you should be able to go back down a floor.

  2. There’s a shrine buff that gives you 2 energy for every floor tile you cross. I would like to see a similar buff that gives health with every tile you cross.

I’d also like to reiterate how bad the reset option is that allows you to skip floors. The shrine buffs are absolutely necessary to survive at lower levels. Skipping them is not an option, so skipping floors is not an option unless you are given buffs. Whether those buffs are the ones you had before reset or you are allowed to pick an equal number of buffs to floors skipped doesn’t matter to me. But right now I am dreading resetting because I will have to go through ~35 floors before the drops become worthwhile and I can’t skip past that tediousness because I need the buffs.


Agreed. I think Permanent buffs should be permanent even if your character dies or you reset. This will enable further climbing into an “endless” dungeon. There is no point making it endless if your ability caps out on a dungeon level around your teams level. Otherwise just call them temp buffs and cap the dungeon off at a max level. Though I really hope they don’t do that because then it would feel like a long drawn out crusade… but at least I’d know what it is XD


You must drink from all the wells regardless. It’s a guild requirement.

Second this though. And also think that a well should be able to be revisited. I mean, is it a well? Or just a basin to drink from that dries up after initial consumption?


But can’t leave them on and place them in a more appropriate part of the screen.


It seems like the buff for Energy Generation doesn’t quite work correctly, is confusingly worded, or is far weaker than I what I was expecting and not worth taking. So my current buff says, “Your party gains 16 energy per hallway space they cross.”

Now, I initially thought that meant each hero would gain X energy for each small or large square they traversed. That clearly is not what is happening. So it’s either not working or it only counts large squares or that X amount is split by all the party members (so each member gains only 3 energy in my current situation).

Either way, this is confusingly worded and, if it’s not broken and working as intended, underpowered.


So I’m on floor 62. At this point, every drop is a purple scrap, sometimes up to 3 at a time. Yet, I’m still getting copper ore. 2 copper ore is 4,000 gold. That’s an incredibly paltry amount, almost pointless.

I can’t help but feel like as you go lower in the dungeon the quality of ore should increase, just as the quality of gear increases.

Dungeon chest -jackpot!

First, I absolutely love the introduction of Influence to dungeon drops. It’s awesome! Makes me feel like I can contribute to the guild even when I don’t have the stam stash that others do. I know that others in my guild who hadn’t participated in dungeon before are doing so now, simply because of that!

Second, I found my first boss last night and the boss chest was totally underwhelming:

1 scrap? I’m getting 1-3 scraps from regular chests. What’s the point of bosses if their drops are actually worse than normal chests?!? Maybe the thought process was any drop from monsters is better than none? Still, a disappointing encounter.


Consolidating into one post:

First, positive stuff:

  1. Influence dropping is awesome. I have guildmates pushing dungeon into floors 80+ who weren’t participating beforehand because of this
  2. The gear drops at 50+ are actually pretty nice, especially with the cap coming out
  3. Faster run speed is nice - this can still be improved even more imo :smiley:

Mixed Reviews:

  1. Bosses - they’re bland, combat-wise. They drop exactly 1 purple scrap. On the other hand, having 2-4 heroes die to a Boss, ruining your efforts in later floors of the dungeon would suck. And while 1 purple scrap is certainly more than 0 purple scraps, it’s less than what I’m getting from most chests at this point (1-3 scraps).

Things that can still be improved:

  1. Resetting the dungeon - the drops (gear-wise) before level 30 are basically not useful at all. Only the purples are useful and you still get a mix up until level 50. So, if it were possible, the best thing to do on reset would be to reset back to level 50. But you can’t do this because you absolutely need all the shrine buffs. So the only real solution is to start over from floor 1.

Is it possible to allow the user to pick buffs equal to what level they’re resetting to? Or roll over their buffs from the previous run somehow? Or improve the drops so that the first 30 levels aren’t a waste of time gear-wise (I am unclear what the drop rates for influence are like).

  1. The torch perk / dungeon level - both of these are just plain not useful. I have not reset once since the dungeon came out. So right away, in the two weeks that these have been available to us, I have gotten absolutely 0 benefit from them. Even worse is that when I finally do reset, I still might not get any benefit from the torch perk because it is wholly dependent on how many torches you currently have.

I’m currently on level 73 and my dungeon exp level is 18. This means when I reset, if I have more than 48 torches, I will still not gain anything from either of these. A perk that provides zero benefit to 98% (yes I made that number up!) of players needs to be tweaked, in my opinion. My preferred suggestion is that they are simply given away daily; the dungeon is supposed to be ‘endless’ and an alternative to spending time in the game without using stamina. I understand there are concerns about the economy, but I’m buying 30 torches from the Crusade shop every day and still watching my total decrease sharply every day. I want to participate in the dungeon and explore floors fully now, but it’s simply not possible.

Other solutions include simply giving 30 extra torches, regardless of how many you have, when you reset (yes, this opens the door for people to reset every day and stockpile them, but … that also means they aren’t running dungeon that day and gaining gear or influence).

  1. Ore drops - I’m on level 73 and getting 1-3 purple scraps of gear that is actually useful at the newest promotion. Yet the ore dropping is still in the 4,000-8,000 range. Why? This is soooo low. I get mad every time I get something from a chest and it’s ore.

  2. The disabled skill trap - this might fit better into the middle category since I feel like I’m running into more cleanse shrines later on in the dungeon, but I’m gonna leave it here anyway. The disabled trap skill sucks. It is frustrating, there’s nothing you can do to stop it, it seems like you get it A LOT even with maxed lock picking skills, and the shrines to cleanse it seem to be few and far between. Having one or two of your skills disabled can absolutely ruin a hero.

I was running Healer for a while and then his white skill got disabled. Boom, instantly useless. It’s not easy to swap out heroes (takes torches to go back).

As a side note, the first skill that is marked as disabled changes if you leave and return to the dungeon.

  1. Energy generation shrine buff - this is either poorly worded or not working correctly, or is far weaker than I what I was expecting and not worth taking. So my current buff says, “Your party gains 16 energy per hallway space they cross.”

Now, I initially thought that meant each hero would gain X energy for each small or large square they traversed. That clearly is not what is happening. So it’s either not working or it only counts large squares or that X amount is split by all the party members (so each member gains only 3 energy in my current situation).

Either way, this is confusingly worded and, if it’s not broken and is working as intended, seems underpowered.

Random ideas:

  1. What about a similar shrine buff to the Energy Generation when you walk that generates health when you walk?
  2. I have, multiple times now, switched heroes out at the entrance to the next floor and accidentally gone to the next floor without meaning to. Maybe a way to descend? Or change how the screens work on that square when swapping heroes.


Sticker you are spot on. I dread doing my one daily floor. I’d enjoy the dungeon you have suggested here.


I don’t think I could like this any more than I do.

I truly have little to no complaints about this game. My husband plays a game, where you have to fill out a three page online form to submit a complaint - and PB does an amazing job at truly listening to their players opinions and fixing things that need to be fixed.

With that being said; THE DISABLED SKILL TRAP IS THE WORST!!! It infuriates me. It makes me not want to do dungeon at all. The worst part is, when I FINALLY get a cleanse shrine, I walk into a trap and get a skill disabled instantly after. So frustrating.

I hate complaining about a game I choose to play, so I won’t criticize again - but I would be the happiest camper if I never had a skill disabled again.

UPDATE: I didn’t realize I was trolling, and this was an old post. My apologies.


I had a guildmate run into 15 disabled skill debuffs over the course of just 2 floors during the dungeon contest (yes, he had lock pick skill maxed at 44%).

I think the most recent update was good. I think there is still room for improvement specifically in:

They still need to update the ore that drops at lower levels. It’s ridiculous to get the same 2 copper ore at level 87 that you’re getting at level 4.


I reported a bug when the trapped chests in boss dungeon were dropping blue scraps but regular chests dropped purple.

I see in the update instead of fixing this, trap chests were removed from boss dungeon.

That may result in fewer disable skill traps, but also zero chance of a jackpot. I wish they still had trap chests in boss dungeon but with better jackpots than endless dungeon.


Well I haven’t been able to get into the dungeon it’s saying I’m stuck on the tutorial and there is no tutorial arrows to move or anything like that so I can’t even be in the dungeon can somebody help me please


Send an in game ticket and they’ll get you squared away!



Had this and 200 diamonds and 3 x 5 boss shards and 60 scraps 20 x3 lots