What has become of the forgotten Server 8 stepchild


This server used to be so alive… but quickly it went from the top 20 guilds being super competitive (even tho 1st and 2nd were practically unbeatable),… to maybe the top 10 being competitive, …to now like the top 5 are competitive. Hardly any of the top guilds can stay full. Every cap increase we see multiple people from each top guild quit. We are stuck leaving inactive accts in our guilds just so we have defensive teams in towers for a little while. I’ve seen multiple guild merges between the top guilds because you just cant find players who are keeping up with cap. The people I know that used to spend all the time are now only spending once in a while because the deals just arent worth it. The grind is getting more and more like a job and less like a game. What is going on? We keep getting told the server is fine, by people who dont participate on the server, yet the server is not where it was a couple months ago. Its quickly dying and it seems like the people that could do something about it just seem like they dont notice… even tho this is something that has happened with every server prior to s8, and majority of those had to merge …


Don’t worry.
S9 will Join you soon.

Super guild for the win :wink:


I bet super guild is doing way better than any of the top guilds on s8.


Come back. Find out :slight_smile:


Nah Pixie

Samm and O’rlyeh clearly said s7 and s8, if you read some of the chats before you got reinvited to the thing (clearly = in Turtle hopes even though O’rlyeh said it will probably be s8 and s9 instead of s7 and s8)

Btw there is more than 10 guilds being competitive
I know it because I made one of them and I rep another one (used to rep a lot other guilds)
But this doesn’t really matter a lot currently because there isn’t planned any merges anytime soon, as Mici can see from the chat, if she reads what me and samm talked about


When I say competitively I mean “have a chance against competitive guilds”…


I may as well mici, pretty much everyone from s8 has moved on to s9 or s10…


Well, then you’re right