What is with all the BUGS right now? Is the game broken or what!?

Is anybody else noticing a ridiculous amount of bugs and glitches recently especially today’s War? I just had Punk steal from three toons in a row. And a friend of mine showed me a war video with Panda shooting 15 energy balls in a row. And then defense guys start firing white skills as soon as they walk onto the screen. What’s going on here?

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I blame Bob

You had me at booby…

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According to my ticket PB is “aware of the issue and will have it patched ASAP” (or something along those lines)

Sooo basically we are living with it until a cure/ fix/ vaccine is found…

Sound familiar?

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There’s a bug with guild war and white skills/energy consumption that we’re working to fix. It should be in the 4.6 update that’s currently planned for next week.

I am sorry to hear that you are suffering from these bugs.

They are very distressing and I am glad that they were fixed so quickly and the implementation is coming.

Along with this important implementation… will there also be an announcement of an alt amnesty for server 1 in the 4.6 update? @Polaris

It happened in Arena where on some occassions, either my Prize Fighter or Valkyrie use their white skills so much that when it stops, my whole team’s attack speed is beyond fast. And also my salty merc is affected too. It may seem like an advantage to me, but I kinda want to beat teams fairly and not just by a bug

Since I was flagged by multiple ppl again I attacked during war on s8 i made a successful attack. I go to make my second attack as I won it was counted as a flee the next morning before war was over i made another attack and I won i go to make another one and I won and again it became a flee. This isn’t a connection error no other game app i play has any issues and when i made all my attacks on s11 I had no issues there. And if there is a connection issue it glitches alot saying connection error and it restarts this never happened.

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Sure you pressed continue at the end of battle?

I blame Bob

I blame cotton …i logged in for first time in yonks just before aladeens post
I got all the bugs :joy::joy:

Sounds like a connection issue😉

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I guess you just have Xero luck with connection issues :man_shrugging:

You’re a punny guy

Pity I never joined PartyWithNoPun-ts then

That would have been Raaawwwrrr-some.

Never say never :wink:

If @Specs joins, I will :slight_smile:

I’ve only been in Realm (and EoG for a couple months) since the start of my playing days…

…plus I doubt root would be too happy…

…pluuuus don’t you use discord?