What level for orange characters?


What level does one have to be, roughly, before they can be upgraded to orange level? I’m at 72 now but still can’t upgrade any of my heroes to orange.


There are four purple levels to get through. You’ll be at Orange at about level 85.


Thank you kind sir!!


I believe it is 95 ;p we are at 85 on server 4, and at purple +3, next we will get 90 and purple +4, I believe 95 is then when we get orange +0, epic and epic dungeon.

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It varies. Not all heroes wear the same equipment. I think the current minimum lvl for some heroes is 89 and the maximum for others might require lvl 91


There are orange gear items on purple +4: I was talking about promotion levels. Usually the orange promotion level and epic have come together on past server updates. Server 3 just got promotion level orange and epic at 95.

Edit: I assumed the op was asking about promotion lvls, apologies if I misunderstood.


They are talking about promotions. I have never seen a single hero require at least lvl 95 to become orange rarity.


Maybe I’m being confusing, but orange promotion level comes with with the cap raise to 95, so yes most gear would require lower level than 95.


The item that is shown in the craft menu is the highest level gear Mass needs, which requires lvl89.


Yes but that is purple +4 not orange level.


If I equip the last gear I need, it becomes orange when i promote.


Yes orange is the next promotion level after purple +4.


Which is the point of @Drunken_Snipers’ post. He or she is asking what level is needed to become orange.


Yep. Level 89 for cog too :slight_smile:

Some of the other heroes are level 90, due to item requirement


I just misunderstood I think. I think I’m just used to people asking when it is going to be available all together on our server ;p I truly didnt mran to be confusing or give wrong info


It’s alright, brain farts happen to me as well.


Heh. Happens too often :confused:


Lvl 88 for lion


Lion wasnt released when this thread was discussed.

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