What to or not to sell


When comes the time when you have no more gold and need to sell some gear, scraps, scroll etc, it xan become a nightmare to know what you can and cannot sell.

My suggestion is that, when you go on the item tabs and click on an item you’d like to sell, it tells you if one of your heros would need this item or not. (not telling you all that you need to craft, just an alert saying : Needed for Skull Buster)

let me know what you guys think!


tip: never sell purple or orange scraps since you’ll never know if you need them in the future. and future you will be disappointed in now you because you sold something that prevents you from upgrading to the best “color” available.


thank you for the tip. i was actually trying to do this but still, the option i mentioned would be interesting


If you always keep a hundred of each below purple item, you should be fine. And like said before, always keep purple and orange unless there’s clearly just one or two heroes using it at Orange +1. But even then, save 100.