Whats inside the Monday candy bag?


Whats inside the monday candy daily quest gift bag?

I wanna know… Like… Now? :stuck_out_tongue:


Gifts are better as suprises sometimes it’s dissapointing sometimes it great


my salary isnt wrapped in gift paper for a reason :smiley:

Gifts should be visible to the naked eye. Wrapping gifts is done just to annoy kids :stuck_out_tongue:


If we tag @OhRlyeh I predict he’ll say this:

But I’m confident that my box will contain the brand new dungeon boss hero paired with a nice, big red win button :slightly_smiling_face::red_circle:


oooh that means mine is the week after this one…

quite a long shipping time if I say so myself :thinking:


All I got in my Monday gift bag was invalid loot, so nothing.

Sulking sticker.


Mine worked. I got stamina refill item. Stam packs. A mini pet goat. And some gear :slight_smile: it was even better than season rewards.

Dont tell the mods about it. Lol