When does next war seaon begin

War is due to start on 1st of month but this appears in game

Who fo we believe

2 days 18 hours

Thank you for your totally unhelpful comments. They were really observant and insightful

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To reiterate my question
What has happened to wars?


All other servers

I don’t play other servers, but I don’t think seasons routinely start on the first of the month. Equally, servers started up at different times, and as such have different seasonal clocks. Some of them are in sync because of server merges.

The time it says on the server will likely be accurate to the day, but has been known not to be accurate to the hour.

Also, my previous answer is now wrong, it’s not 2 days 18 hours anymore.

You are wrong again.
It is laid out by Perblue that the first war of the season will be on the fist of the month, last 24 hours and then a day of spars until the next war.
I don’t know or care what server you play on as you don’t appear to know what you are talking about
Sign in hero is messed up and wars messed up

I love when people tell Wiz that he’s wrong.

Saves me a job.

Don’t get me started on “different seasonal clocks”…


But Mici, I’m here to be wrong so you don’t have to be :open_mouth:

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Well… i think season was due to start today (1st March)

However… it now starts later, and they disabled the grandma’s skills…

Sooo, maybe war starts with the update, could be for a couple reasons

  1. Avoid complaints that she doesn’t work in defence or offence, even though they put a message out

  2. They are changing something in the war system… which would be implemented at the same time as grannies skills: during the update. Then they would avoid changing war mid-season, or waiting another month to implement the changes to war

Who knows? :man_shrugging:

More likely someone screwed up and we dont matter enough

Dude, don’t be so angry. It’s a game. And Wiz was using something called humor. Check it out, you might like it. Sheesh.


Humour is meant to be funny

Made me smirk :man_shrugging:

Humour also isn’t for everyone

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Ooooo… do you have a bone to pick?



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