When is the hero being released on s11

when dose the next hero come out on s11 I herd the we were getting 2 more at once ( i really hope so lol)

The update was released on friday, so you should be able to get them already…
You can always check if there are new heroes on your server. Just look at the bottom of your hero list :wink:

Don’t worry, soon you’ll have “new-hero-phobia” like the rest of us :slight_smile:

Especially when per blue release two or three heroes that break into the top five power rating one after the other and ruin your #1 ranking.

No? Just me?

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definitely not there lol only on orange 1 so I have them maxed most of the time day 1

I was asking about future releases I had here in game the there was 2 more to be released soon but I couldn’t find it so I was asking if anyone had the info

If you look at patch notes for the same level for other servers you can get an idea, even though they had less heroes back then and blabla take it with a bit of salt ;). And otherwise just ask if someone has tabs on PerBlue :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s ME…I’m here your wait is over!

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