When is the New server


When will the next new server be out? I only want to purchase when I have a chance to do well in arena


s9 came out, not long ago
so, you have to wait some months

Currently bigger chance that they merge servers than making a new one


So is it worth it to play now that I missed it as I will always be behind?


With the previous server merges its more fun. People from other servers have different strategies and so forth.


What server are you on and how far behind are you?

I would still play and wait for a new server to hit
Gives you something to do while you wait.

I also have an account on every server, so yeah, I play on all new servers


I’d say you could easily spend on S9 and be competitive; it’s quite new. How much is in your budget, I dunno.


It’s already at 75 and is over 60 days old as my second daily diamonds already ran out.

To be honest I’m thinking of quitting it lol


I started in dec, now I’m in top guild been max for 2 weeks. It was easy


If you have the time (or possibly more likely the money) then it is a very easy game to play.

Until orange rarity and epic dungeon get here next week

Even that is not so bad
See you at orange 7 / 8
Tell me then that it’s still so easy